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High-resolution Electron Microscopy, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Physical properties measurement system and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Series of Honorary Lectures under the auspices of the General Director of RCPTM

TOP RCPTM journal publications 2015

V. Georgakilas, J. A. Perman, J. Tucek and R. Zboril: Broad Family of Carbon Nanoallotropes: Classification, Chemistry, and Applications of Fullerenes, Carbon Dots, Nanotubes, Graphene, Nanodiamonds, and Combined Superstructures, CHEMICAL REVIEWS, vol. 115, iss. 11, pp. 4744–4822, 2015. DOI: 10.1021/cr500304f, IF = 46.568
V. K. Sharma, J. Filip, R. Zboril, R. S. Varma: Natural inorganic nanoparticles – formation, fate, and toxicity in the environment, CHEM. SOC. REV., vol. 44, iss. 21, pp. 7540-7590, 2015.
DOI: 10.1039/c5cs00236b, IF = 33.383

M. B. Gawande, A. Goswami, T. Asefa, H. Guo, A. V. Biradar, D. Peng, R. Zboril, R. S. Varma: Core–shell nanoparticles: synthesis and applications in catalysis and electrocatalysis, CHEM. SOC. REV., Advance Article, 2015.
DOI: 10.1039/c5cs00343a, IF = 33.383

V. K. Sharma, R. Zboril, R. S. Varma: Ferrates: Greener Oxidants with Multimodal Action in Water Treatment Technologies, ACC. CHEM. RES., vol. 48, iss. 2, pp. 182-191, 2015. DOI: 10.1021/ar5004219, IF = 22.323
V. Urbanová, K. Holá, A. B. Bourlinos, K. Čépe, A. Ambrosi, A. H. Loo, M. Pumera, F. Karlický, M. Otyepka, R. Zbořil: Thiofluorographene-Hydrophilic Graphene Derivative with Semiconducting and Genosensing Properties, ADV. MATER., vol. 27, iss. 14, pp. 2305-2310, 2015.
DOI: 10.1002/adma.201500094, IF = 17.493
S. Kment, P. Schmuki, Z. Hubicka, L. Machala, R. Kirchgeorg, N. Liu, L. Wang, K. Lee, J. Olejnicek, M. Cada, I. Gregora, R. Zboril: Photoanodes with Fully Controllable Texture: The Enhanced Water Splitting Efficiency of Thin Hematite Films Exhibiting Solely (110) Crystal Orientation, ACS NANO, vol. 9 iss. 7, pp. 7113–7123, 2015.
DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.5b01740, IF = 12.881
A. K. Rathi, M. B. Gawande, R. Zboril, R. S. Varma: Microwave-Assisted Synthesis–Catalytic Applications in Aqueous Media, COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS, vol. 291, pp. 68-94, 2015.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ccr.2015.01.011, IF = 12.239
M. B. Gawande, Y. Mongab, R. Zboril and R.K. Sharma: Silica-decorated Magnetic Nanocomposites for Catalytic Applications, COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS, vol. 288, pp. 118-143, 2015.
DOI: 10.1016/j.ccr.2015.01.001, IF = 12.239
M. Magro, D. Baratella, P. Jakubec, G. Zoppellaro, J. Tucek, C. Aparicio, R. Venerando, G. Sartori, F. Francescato, F. Mion, N. Gabellini, R. Zboril, F. Vianello: Triggering Mechanism for DNA Electrical Conductivity: Reversible Electron Transfer between DNA and Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, vol. 25, iss. 12, pp. 1822-1831, 2015.
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201404372, IF = 11.805

V. Georgakilas, A. Demeslis, E. Ntararas, A. Kouloumpis, K. Dimos, D. Gournis, M. Kocman, M. Otyepka, R. Zbořil: Hydrophilic Nanotube Supported Graphene-Water Dispersible Carbon Superstructure with Excellent Conductivity, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS vol. 25, iss. 10, pp. 1481-1487, 2015.
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201403801, IF = 11.805

J. Kasparkova, H. Kostrhunova, O. Novakova, R. Křikavová, J. Vančo, Z. Trávníček, V. Brabec: A Photoactivatable Platinum(IV) Complex Targeting Genomic DNA and Histone Deacetylases, ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE INTERNATIONAL EDITION, vol. 54, iss. 48, pp. 14478-14482, 2015.
DOI: 10.1002/anie.201506533, IF = 11.261
K. Hola, Z. Markova, G. Zoppellaro, J. Tucek, R. Zboril: Tailored functionalization of iron oxide nanoparticles for MRI, drug delivery, magnetic separation and immobilization of biosubstances, BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES, In Press, 2015.
DOI: 10.1016/j.biotechadv.2015.02.003, IF = 9.015

P. Lazar, C. K. Chua, K. Holá, R. Zbořil, M. Otyepka, M. Pumera: Dichlorocarbene-Functionalized Fluorographene: Synthesis and Reaction Mechanism, SMALL, vol. 11, iss. 31, pp. 3790-3796, 2015.
DOI: 10.1002/smll.201500364, IF = 8.368

R. K. Sharma, S. Sharma, S. Dutta, R. Zboril, M. B. Gawande: Silica-nanosphere-based organic–inorganic hybrid nanomaterials: synthesis, functionalization and applications in catalysis, GREEN CHEM., vol. 17, iss. 6, pp. 3207-3230, 2015.
DOI: 10.1039/c5gc00381d IF = 8.020

A. S. Burange, M. B. Gawande, F. L. Y. Lam, R. V. Jayaram, R. Luque: Heterogeneously catalyzed strategies for the deconstruction of high density polyethylene: plastic waste valorisation to fuels, GREEN CHEM. vol. 17, iss. 1, pp. 146-156, 2015.
DOI: 10.1039/c4gc01760a, IF = 8.020

M. B. Gawande: Metal-Catalyzed Reactions in Water. Edited by P. H. Dixneuf, V. Cadierno, CHEMSUSCHEM vol. 8, iss. 15, pp. 2569-2569, 2015.
DOI: 10.1002/cssc.201500663, IF = 7.65

K. Lemr, K. Bartkiewicz, A. Černoch, M. Dušek, J. Soubusta: Experimental Implementation of Optimal Linear-Optical Controlled-Unitary Gates, PHYS. REV. LETT. vol. 114, iss. 15, 2015.
DOI: 10.1103/physrevlett.114.153602, IF = 7.512

M. Dubecký, E. Otyepkova, P. Lazar, F. Karlicky, M. Petr, K. Cepe, P. Banáš, R. Zboril, M. Otyepka: Reactivity of Fluorographene: A Facile Way Towards Graphene Derivatives, J. PHYS. CHEM. LETT., vol. 6, iss. 8, pp. 1430-1434, 2015.
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpclett.5b00565, IF = 7.458
M. B. Gawande, R. Zboril, V. Malgras, Y. Yamauchi: Integrated nanocatalysts: a unique class of heterogeneous catalysts, J. MATER. CHEM. A, vol. 3, iss. 16, pp. 8241-8245, 2015.
DOI: 10.1039/c5ta00119f, IF = 7.443
S. Kment, Z. Hubicka, J. Krysa, D. Sekora, M. Zlamal, J. Olejnicek, M. Cada, P. Ksirova, Z. Remes, P. Schmuki, E. Schubert and R. Zboril: "On the improvement of PEC activity of hematite thin films deposited by high-power pulsed magnetron sputtering method", APPLIED CATALYSIS B: ENVIRONMENTAL, vol. 165, pp. 344-350, 2015.
DOI: 10.1016/j.apcatb.2014.10.015, IF = 7.435
V. Georgakilas, K. Vrettos, K. Katomeri, A. Kouloumpis, K. Dimos, D. Gournis, R. Zboril: Highly dispersible disk-like graphene nanoflakes, NANOSCALE, Advance Article, 2015.
DOI: 10.1039/c5nr04422g, IF = 7.394
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The award “Sustainable Strategies for Risk Reduction In Nanotechnology: Application in Chemical Catalysis and Environmental Remediation” was given to Rajender S. Varma

Prof. Radek Zbořil (General director of RCPTM) was introduced as a new member of the Learned Society of Czech Republic.

Prof. RNDr. Radek Zbořil, Ph.D. was awarded by Cena města Olomouce (Award of Olomouc city) in the field science and research.

Prof. Pavel Hobza in Thomson Reuters List of Higly Cited Researchers. Highly Cited Researchers 2014 represents some of world’s leading scientific minds.

Prof. RNDr. Michal Otyepka, Ph.D. succeeded in 2014 Neuron Impuls Grants in chemistry field with project: Graphene Interface - biomolecule as a way to cyborgs.

Rajender S. Varma was introduced as an Advisory Board Member for the journal from Royal Society of Chemistry, Environmental Science: Nano

The paper from RCPTM A Magnetically Drivable Nanovehicle for Curcumin with Antioxidant Capacity and MRI Relaxation Properties was selected by WILEY-VCH as paper with “HOT TOPIC"

The award for the best poster at the SPEA8 conference in Greece was won by RCPTM researchers.

The paper from RCPTM Ferromagnetic Coupling in an Fe­[C(SiMe3)3]2/Ferrihydrite Hetero-Mixture Molecular Magnet was selected by WILEY-VCH as paper with “HOT TOPIC"

Martin Kuba won best poster award at Symposium on Atomic Spectrometry in Prague, March 2014. Poster name: "DETERMINATION OF METALS RELEASED FROM ARTICULAR REPLACEMENTS IN CLINICAL SAMPLES BY ICP-MS "

Dr. Manoj B. Gawande Ji was approved for "Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Samman - 2014" award by Indian government It is prestigious award honor to Indians who are in foreign country, and make outstanding achievement.

The award, for the best presentation, was won by Dr. František Karlický at ISTCP 2013 (Congress of the International Society of Theoretical Chemical Physics) in Budapest.

The award for the best presentation at the prestigious ISIAME 2012 (International Symposium on the Industrial Applications of the Mössbauer Effect) was won by Dr. Jiří Tuček.

The 2012 SIEMENS Award for the best thesis was given to Karel Lemr (author) and Jan Soubusta (supervisor).

The prestigious Galileo Galilei Award was awarded to Prof. Jan Peřina in recognition of his scientific work by the International Commission for Optics.

The Award of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sport for Outstanding Results in Research, Experimental Development and Innovation was received in 2011 by Prof. Radek Zbořil.

TOP Review papers

V. Georgakilas, J. A. Perman, J. Tucek and R. Zboril: "Broad Family of Carbon Nanoallotropes: Classification, Chemistry, and Applications of Fullerenes, Carbon Dots, Nanotubes, Graphene, Nanodiamonds, and Combined Superstructures"

CHEMICAL REVIEWS, vol. 115, iss. 11, 2015.
DOI: 10.1021/cr500304f

M. B. Gawande, A. Goswami, T. Asefa, H. Guo, A. V. Biradar, D. Peng, R. Zboril, R. S. Varma: "Core–shell nanoparticles: synthesis and applications in catalysis and electrocatalysis"

CHEM. SOC. REV. , Advance Article. 2015.
DOI: 10.1039/c5cs00343a

J. Tuček, K. C. Kemp, K. S. Kim and R. Zbořil: "Iron-Oxide-Supported Nanocarbon in Lithium-Ion Batteries, Medical, Catalytic, and Environmental Applications"

ACS NANO, vol. 8, iss. 8. 2014.
DOI: 10.1021/nn501836x

M. B. Gawande, S. N. Shelke, R. Zboril and R. S. Varma: "Microwave-Assisted Chemistry: Synthetic Applications for Rapid Assembly of Nanomaterials and Organics"

ACC. CHEM. RES., vol. 47, iss. 4. 2014.
DOI: 10.1021/ar400309b

Karlicky, F; Datta, K.K.R; Otyepka, M and Zboril, R: "Halogenated Graphenes: Rapidly Growing Family of Graphene Derivatives"

ACS NANO, vol. 7, iss. 8. 2013.
DOI: 10.1021/nn4024027

Riley, KE and Hobza, P: "On the Importance and Origin of Aromatic Interactions in Chemistry and Biodisciplines"

DOI: 10.1021/ar300083h

Georgakilas, V; Otyepka, M; Bourlinos, AB; Chandra, V; Kim, N; Kemp, KC; Hobza, P; Zboril, R and Kim, KS: "Functionalization of Graphene: Covalent and Non-Covalent Approaches, Derivatives and Applications"

CHEMICAL REVIEWS, vol. 112, iss. 11. 2012.
DOI: 10.1021/cr3000412

Hobza, P: "Calculations on Noncovalent Interactions and Databases of Benchmark Interaction Energies"

DOI: 10.1021/ar200255p

Our guests

Meeting during the Nanocon 2014 conference in Olomouc at the Moravian Restaurant. Prof. Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Dr. Athanasios B. Bourlinos, Prof.Alexander Eychmüller, Dr. Pavel Tuček, Ing. Tasilo Prnka, Prof. Radek Zboril and Prof. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski.

Meeting during the Nanocon 2014 conference in front of the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc. Prof.Alexander Eychmüller, Prof. Radek Zboril, Prof. Dionysios D. Dionysiou, Prof. Krzysztof Matyjaszewski, Ing. Tasilo Prnka and Dr. Athanasios B. Bourlinos

General director of Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials Prof. Radek Zboril with Prof. Helena Mitasova and Prof. Lubos Mitas from North Carolina State University in front of the RCPTM building.

Dr. Rajender S Varma, visiting scientist of RCPTM, with the seminar announcement in Chile (Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Facultad de Química y Biología). More info here (in Spanish).

Prof. Pavel Hobza - Coordinator for International Scientific Collaboration in RCPTM, most cited czech scientist and Prof. Josef Michl - Head of the group “Michl Research Group” at University of Colorado Boulder, editor-in-chief of Chemical Reviews in front of the Saint Wenceslas Cathedral in Olomouc.

Prof. Kevin Sivula - head of the "Laboratory for Molecular Engineering of Optoelectronic Nanomaterials LIMNO" and Dr. Stepan Kment - Junior Researcher in research group “Optical and photonic technologies“ in Moravian Restaurant in Olomouc.

Assoc. Prof. Kevin A. Schug - Shimadzu Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Texas Arlington, USA with Prof. Karel Lemr - Head of the Research Group “Nanotechnology in Analytical Chemistry” in RCPTM during the Chiranal Conference 2014 in Olomouc. Blog about the conference can be found here.

Prof. Shin-ichi Ohkoshi (Director of Ohkoshi Labs., Department of Chemistry, University of Tokyo), Prof. Kara L. Bren (Associate Editor of J. Am. Chem. Soc., Head of the research group at University of Rochester, NY, USA) and Dr. rer. nat. Giorgio Zoppellaro (Head of the research group at RCPTM) in typical Moravian restaurant during their visit of RCPTM.

Prof. Juan Manuel Diez Tascón, director of Instituto Nacional del Carbón (Oviedo, Spain) with prof. Michal Otyepka (Head of Research Division II in RCPtM) in front of the Olomouc Astronomical Clock

Dr. Rajender S. Varma, Senior Scientist - US Environmental Protection Agency and Visionary of the Year 2009 with Prof. Dr. Radek Zbořil, General Director of RCPTM in front of the brand new TITAN HR-TEM Microscope.

Director of Centre of Ferate Excelence Prof. Virender K. Sharma from Florida Institute of Technology and General director of RCPTM Prof. Radek Zboril are discussing the fruitful collaboration.

General Director Prof. Radek Zboril and Director of Center for Superfunctional Materials, Pohang University Prof. Kwang S. Kim in front of the UNESCO Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc.

Prof. Ohkoshi, Dr. Asuka and Msc. Marie Yoshikiyo during a visit to a typical Moravian restaurant in Olomouc.

Prof. Paul M. Lahti from University of Massachusetts, Co-Director of Energy Frontier Research Center, visited Olomouc and RCPTM

Prof. Paul Mulvaney from University of Melbourne, ARC laureate, collaborator of RCPTM, visited Olomouc and RCPTM.

Prof. Andrey L. Rogach from City University of Hong Kong, the 8th most cited scientist in the field of nanocrystals, collaborator of RCPTM, visited Olomouc and RCPTM.

Prof. Fabio Vianello from University of Padova received the award for best foreign collaborator in 2012.

Cover arts by RCPTM

Chem. Soc. Rev., Vol. 44, Iss. 21. 2015.
About cover.

Small, Vol. 11, Iss. 31. 2015.
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Advanced Functional Materials, Vol. 25, Iss. 12. 2015.
About cover.

Advanced Materials, Vol. 27, Iss. 14. 2015.
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Advanced Functional Materials, Vol. 25, Iss. 10. 2015.
About cover.

International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, Vol. 114, Iss. 15. 2014.
About cover.

Chemical Communications Vol. 50, 2014.
About cover.

Chemistry of Materials, Vol. 26, Iss. 23. 2014.
About cover.

Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 86, Iss. 22. 2014.
About cover

Green Chemistry, Vol. 16, Iss. 9. 2014
About cover

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, Vol. 9, Iss. 9. 2013.
About cover.

Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, Vol. 8, Iss. 4. 2012.
About cover.

Chem. Commun., Vol. 48, Iss. 93, 2012.
About cover.

Chemistry of Materials, Vol. 23, Iss. 14. 2011.
About cover.

Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Vol. 114, Iss. 26. 2010.
About cover.

Chemistry of Materials, Vol. 22, Iss. 24. 2010.
About cover.


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