List of employees

Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials

Šlechtitelů 27
78371 Olomouc
Czech Republic
tel: 585634973
fax: 585634958
mail: rcptm(at)


Name Title E-mail Phone Research Group
Frantíková Monika Ing. Maternity leave Management
Haderka Ondřej doc., RNDr., Ph.D. ondrej.haderka(at) +420585631511 Management
Hobza Pavel prof., Ing., DrSc. pavel.hobza(at) +420585634760 Management
Hynková Alena a.hynkova(at) +420585634916 Management
Jančík Dalibor Mgr., Ph.D. dalibor.jancik(at) +420585631406 Magnetic nanostructures
Jungová Petra Mgr. petra.jungova(at) +420585631117 Management
Jurečka Roman Mgr. +420585631530 Management
Kadlecová Zuzana Mgr. Maternity leave Management
Klapal Jan Mgr. jan.klapal(at) +420585634969 Management
Krejčiříková Hana Ing. hana.krejcirikova(at) +420585634948 Management
Mohelníková Lucie Mgr. lucie.mohelnikova(at) +420585634762 Management
Plaštiaková Miroslava Mgr. miroslava.plastiakova(at) +420585631567 Management
Poláková Veronika Mgr. veronika.polakova(at) +420585634973 Management
Rozehnalová Gabriela Mgr. gabriela.rozehnalova(at) +420585631061 Management
Šaradínová Martina Mgr. +420585634004 Management
Švarcová Markéta Ing. +420585634951 Management
Tuček Pavel doc., Mgr.,Ph.D. pavel.tucek(at) +420734281751 Management
Zbořil Radek prof., RNDr.,Ph.D. radek.zboril(at) +420585634762 Management

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Magnetic nanostructures

Name Title E-mail Phone Research Group
Bakandritsos Aristeides Ph.D. +420585634950 Magnetic nanostructures
Blonski Piotr Ph.D. Magnetic nanostructures
Červenková Zdenka Mgr. +420585634339 Magnetic nanostructures
Gómez Piedrafita Veronica Ph.D. +420585634383 Magnetic nanostructures
Jančík Dalibor Mgr., Ph.D. dalibor.jancik(at) +420585631406 Magnetic nanostructures
Machala Libor doc., RNDr., Ph.D. libor.machala(at) +420585634959 Magnetic nanostructures
Malina Ondřej Mgr. +420585634485 Magnetic nanostructures
Mašláň Miroslav Prof. RNDr., Ph.D. miroslav.maslan(at) Magnetic nanostructures
Navařík Jakub Mgr. jakub.navarik(at) +420585634366 Magnetic nanostructures
Schneeweiss Oldřich Ing., DrSc. Magnetic nanostructures
Ševčíková Jana jana.sevcikova(at) +420585634384 Magnetic nanostructures
Tuček Jiří doc. Mgr., Ph.D. jiri.tucek(at) +420585634490 Magnetic nanostructures
Ugolotti Juri Ph.D. + 420585634339 Magnetic nanostructures
Zoppellaro Giorgio Dr. rer. nat. giorgio.zoppellaro(at) +420585634490 Magnetic nanostructures

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Carbon nanostructures and biomacromolecules

Name Title E-mail Phone Research Group
Banáš Pavel doc.,Mgr.,Ph.D. pavel.banas(at) +420585634769 Carbon Nanostructures
Bares Hugo Ph.D. +420585634339 Carbon Nanostructures
Bazgerová Petra Ing. + 420585631429 Carbon Nanostructures
Bazgier Václav Ing., Mgr. +420585634769 Carbon Nanostructures
Berka Karel doc.,RNDr.,Ph.D. karel.berka(at) +420585634769 Carbon Nanostructures
Bourlinos Athanasios Mgr., Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Čépe Klára Mgr., Ph.D. +420585631429 Carbon Nanostructures
Chronopoulos Dimitrios Ph.D. +420585634391 Carbon Nanostructures
De La Torre Bruno Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Jelínek Pavel Ing., Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Jurečka Petr doc., RNDr., Ph.D. petr.jurecka(at) +420585634760 Carbon Nanostructures
Kalytchuk Sergii Ph.D. + 420585634391 Carbon Nanostructures
Karlický František Mgr., Ph.D. frantisek.karlicky(at) +420585634767 Carbon Nanostructures
Kuboňová Lenka Ing., Ph.D. +420585634384 Carbon Nanostructures
Kührová Petra Mgr., Ph.D. petra.kuhrova(at) +420585634766 Carbon Nanostructures
Lapčík Lubomír Prof., Ing., CSc. lubomir.lapcik(at) +420585634420 Carbon Nanostructures
Lazar Petr Mgr., Ph.D. petr.lazar(at) +420585634767 Carbon Nanostructures
Medveď Miroslav doc., RNDr., Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Moro Lagares María Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Nachtigallová Dana RNDr., Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Navrátilová Veronika Mgr. +420585634423 Carbon Nanostructures
Otyepka Michal Prof., RNDr.Ph.D. michal.otyepka(at) +420585634764 Carbon Nanostructures
Otyepková Eva RNDr., Ph.D. +420585634425 Carbon Nanostructures
Paloncýová Markéta Mgr. +420585634423 Carbon Nanostructures
Polách Jiří RNDr.,Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Prudilová Barbora Mgr. Carbon Nanostructures
Pumera Martin RNDr.,Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Pykal Martin Mgr. martin.pykal(at) +420585634423 Carbon Nanostructures
Rogatch Andrei doc.,Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Sedlák Róbert RNDr. Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Slavíčková Karla +420585634425 Carbon Nanostructures
Šponer Jiří Prof. RNDr. DrSc. Carbon Nanostructures
Stadlbauer Petr Mgr. Carbon Nanostructures
Stráská Jana Mgr. +420585631429 Carbon Nanostructures
Sudolská Mária RNDr., Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Švec Martin Mgr., Ph.d. Carbon Nanostructures
Tomanec Ondřej Ing. +420585631429 Carbon Nanostructures
Trouillas Patrick Ph.D. Carbon Nanostructures
Vermisoglou Eleni Ph.D. +420585634473 Carbon Nanostructures
Vlček Jakub Mgr. +420585634386 Carbon Nanostructures
Zgarbová Marie Mgr., Ph.D. marie.zgarbova(at) +420585634766 Carbon Nanostructures

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Biologically-active complexes and molecular magnets

Name Title E-mail Phone Research Group
Antal Peter Mgr., Ph.D. +420585634340 Complexes
Čajan Michal doc., RNDr., Ph.D. +420585634499 Complexes
Dostálová Věra Complexes
Drahoš Bohuslav RNDr., Ph.D bohuslav.drahos(at) +420585634429 Complexes
Dvořák Zdeněk prof., RNDr., Dr.Sc. et Ph.D. zdenek.dvorak(at) +420585634903 Complexes
Herchel Radovan Doc. Ing., Ph.D. radovan.herchel(at) +420585634435 Complexes
Jewula Pawel Ing., Ph.D. 585634754 Complexes
Křikavová Novotná Radka Mgr., Ph.D. radka.krikavova(at) Maternity leave Complexes
Kubešová Kateřina Mgr.,DiS. +420585634910 Complexes
Machata Marek Mgr. +420585634355 Complexes
Nemec Ivan Ing., Ph.D. ivan.nemec(at) +420585634354 Complexes
Richterová Pavla Complexes
Šilha Tomáš Mgr., Ph.D. tomas.sliha(at) +420585634486 Complexes
Štarha Pavel Doc., Ph.D. pavel.starha(at) +420585634346 Complexes
Trávníček Zdeněk prof., RNDr., Ph.D. zdenek.travnicek(at) +420585634352 Complexes
Vančo Ján doc.,PharmDr.,Ph.D. +420585634359 Complexes

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Advanced optical and photonic technologies

Name Title E-mail Phone Research Group
Bartkiewicz Karol Mgr., Ph.D. +420585631557 Nanophotonics
Čada Martin Mgr.,Ph.D. +420585632418 Nanophotonics
Čepl Miroslav  Mgr. +420585631580 Nanophotonics
Černoch Antonín Mgr., Ph.D. antonin.cernoch(at) +420585631549 Nanophotonics
Chytka Ladislav Ing. Nanophotonics
Čtvrtlík Radim Mgr., Ph.D. radim.ctvrtlik(at) +420585631573, 1514 Nanophotonics
Galinis Justinas Ph.D. Nanophotonics
Hamal Petr Mgr. hamal(at) +420585631533 Nanophotonics
Horváth Pavel RNDr., Ph.D. pavel.horvath(at) +420585631569 Nanophotonics
Hrabovský Miroslav prof., RNDr., DrSc. miroslav.hrabovsky(at) +420585631501 Nanophotonics
Hubička Zdeněk Mgr.,Ph.D. +420585631502 Nanophotonics
Ivanov Georgi Mgr. +420585631529 Nanophotonics
Jastrabík Lubomír RNDr., CSc. lubomir.jastrabik(at) +420585631502 Nanophotonics
Javůrek Dalibor Ing., Ph.D. +420585631677 Nanophotonics
Křepelka Jaromír Ing., CSc. jaromir.krepelka(at) +420585631518 Nanophotonics
Kvita Jiří Mgr.,Ph.D. +420585631585 Nanophotonics
Lemr Karel ml. Mgr., Ph.D. k.lemr(at) +420585631547, 1541 Nanophotonics
Machulka Radek Mgr. radek.machulka(at) +420585631692 Nanophotonics
Mandát Dušan Mgr., Ph.D. mandat(at) +420585631686 Nanophotonics
Michálek Václav Bc.,Ing., Ph.D. +420585631510 Nanophotonics
Nožka Libor Mgr., Ph.D. +420585631573 Nanophotonics
Olejníček Jiří RNDr.,Ph.D. Nanophotonics
Palatka Miroslav RNDr. +420585631516 Nanophotonics
Pavlíček Pavel RNDr., Ph.D. pavel.pavlicek(at) +420585631680, 1532 Nanophotonics
Pech Miroslav Mgr.,Ph.D. +420585631686 Nanophotonics
Peřina Jan ml. Doc. RNDr.,Ph.D. perinaj(at) +420585631509 Nanophotonics
Remeš Zdeněk doc.,Mgr.,Ph.D. +420585634221 Nanophotonics
Schovánek Petr RNDr. schovanek(at) +420585631503 Nanophotonics
Soubusta Jan Doc. Mgr., Ph.D. jan.soubusta(at) +420585631577 Nanophotonics
Svozilík Jiří Mgr., Bc.,Ph.D. et Ph.D. jiri.svozilik(at) +420585631692 Nanophotonics

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Nanomaterials in biomedicine

Name Title E-mail Phone Research Group
Adámková Šárka Mgr. sarka.adamkova(at) +420585634384 Nanobiomed
Balzerová Anna Mgr. +420585634428 Nanobiomed
Chaloupková Zuzana Mgr. +420585634390 Nanobiomed
Fargašová Ariana Mgr. ariana.fargasova(at) +420585634390 Nanobiomed
Havrdová Markéta Mgr. marketa.havrdova(at) Maternity leave Nanobiomed
Holá Kateřina Mgr. katerina.hola(at) +420585634955 Nanobiomed
Hradilová Šárka Mgr., Ph.D. sarka.hradilova(at) +420585634384 Nanobiomed
Jakubec Petr Mgr., Ph.D. +420585 634 428 Nanobiomed
Kvítek Libor doc., RNDr., CSc. libor.kvitek(at) +420585634420 Nanobiomed
Medříková (Marková) Zdenka Mgr., Ph.D. Maternity leave Nanobiomed
Panáček Aleš doc.,RNDr.,Ph.D. ales.panacek(at) +420585634427 Nanobiomed
Poláková Kateřina Mgr., Ph.D. katerina.polakova(at) +420585634950 Nanobiomed
Ranc Václav RNDr., Ph.D. +420585634388 Nanobiomed
Soukupová Jana RNDr., Ph.D. jana.soukupova(at) +420585634425 Nanobiomed
Steklý Tomáš Bc. Nanobiomed
Stuchlá Anna Bc. Nanobiomed
Vianello Fabio Prof., Ph.D. fabio.vianello(at) Nanobiomed
Vyhnálková Renáta Ing., Ph.D. Nanobiomed

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Nanotechnology in analytical chemistry

Name Title E-mail Phone Research Group
Barták Petr doc, RNDr., Ph.D. petr.bartak(at) +420585634408 Analytics
Bednář Petr doc., RNDr., Ph.D. petr.bednar(at) +420585634403 Analytics
Borovcová Lucie Mgr. +420585634454 Analytics
Fryčák Petr doc. RNDr., Ph.D. petr.frycak(at) +420585634413 Analytics
Hartmanová Lucie Mgr., Ph.D. lucie.hartmanova(at) Maternity leave Analytics
Havlíček Vladimír Prof.,Ing.,Dr. Analytics
Kučera Lukáš RNDr., Ph.D. +420585634450 Analytics
Kučerová Pavla RNDr., Ph.D. Maternity leave Analytics
Kurka Ondřej RNDr., Ph.D. +420585634450 Analytics
Lemr Karel prof., RNDr., Ph.D karel.lemr(at) +420585634415 Analytics
Milde David doc. Ing., Ph.D. david.milde(at) +420585634443 Analytics
Nytka Marianna M.Sc. +420585634543 Analytics
Opletal Tomáš Mgr. +420585634481 Analytics
Papoušková Barbora RNDr., Ph.D. barbora.papouskova(at) +420585634543 Analytics
Pauk Volodymyr Mgr., PhD. +420585634482 Analytics
Petr Jan doc. RNDr., Ph.D. jan.petr(at) +420585634416 Analytics
Pluháček Tomáš RNDr. +420585634480 Analytics
Ševčík Juraj Prof. RNDr., Ph.D. +420585634417 Analytics
Skopalová Jana RNDr., Ph.D. jana.skopalová +420585634442 Analytics
Součková Jitka Mgr., Ph.D. +420585634483 Analytics
Stašková Hana hana.staskova(at) +420585634411 Analytics
Švidrnoch Martin RNDr., Ph.D. +420585634481 Analytics
Tomková Hana Mgr., Ph.D. +420585634451 Analytics


Name Title E-mail Phone Research Group
Andrýsková Mgr. Pavlína +420585634386 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Aparicio Claudia O. Ph.D. +420585634386 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Cupalová Jana Mgr. +420585634955 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Filip Jan Mgr., Ph.D. jan.filip(at) +420585634959 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Gawande Manoj Bhanudas Ph.D. +420585634544 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Kašlík Josef Mgr. josef.kaslik(at) +420585634487 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Kolařík Jan Mgr. +420585634487 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Kosovský Michail Ing. Environmental Nanotechnologies
Kumar Pawan Ph.D. +420585634385 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Maršálek Blahoslav Prof., Ing., CSc. blahoslav.marsalek(at) Environmental Nanotechnologies
Medřík Ivo Bc. +420585631432 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Nandan Devaki Ph.D. +420585634385 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Oborná Jana Ing. +420585634387 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Petala Eleni Mgr. +420585634383 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Petr Martin Mgr. + 420585634485 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Pocklanová Radka Mgr. Maternity leave Environmental Nanotechnologies
Pospíšková Kristýna Mgr., Ph.D. +420585634389 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Prucek Robert doc.,RNDr., Ph.D. robert.prucek(at) +420585634765 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Šafařík Ivo Prof. Ing., DrSc. +420585634951 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Sharma Virender Prof. vsharma(at) Environmental Nanotechnologies
Skácelová Petra Mgr. +420585634387 Environmental Nanotechnologies
Varma Rajender Ph.D. Environmental Nanotechnologies
Zajíček Petr Mgr. petr.zajicek(at) +420585634487 Environmental Nanotechnologies


Name Title E-mail Phone Research Group
Ahn Hyo-Jin Ph.D. +420585634391 Photoelectrochemistry
Kment Štěpán Ing., Ph.D. stepan.kment(at) +420585634489 Photoelectrochemistry
Kmentová Hana Ing., Ph.D. +420585634473 Photoelectrochemistry
Kulkarni Vishwanath Mukta Ph.D. Photoelectrochemistry
Naldoni Alberto Ph.D. Photoelectrochemistry
Riboni Francesca Ph.D. Photoelectrochemistry
Sarmah Phukan Smritakshi Ph.D. Photoelectrochemistry
Schmuki Patrik Prof. Photoelectrochemistry
Urbanová Veronika Ing., Ph.D. +420585634474 Photoelectrochemistry