RNDr. Bohuslav Drahoš, Ph.D.


Email: bohuslav.drahos@upol.cz
Address: 17. listopadu 12, Olomouc
Phone: (+420) 54 563 4429
Fax: (+420) 54 563 4357

Education and career

2002 – 2007 Inorganic Chemistry, Charles University in Prague (Mgr.)
2007 – 2011 Inorganic Chemistry, Charles University in Prague (Ph.D.)
2007 – 2011 Inorganic Chemistry, Université d’Orleans, France (Ph.D.)
2010 – 2011 Researcher, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Charles University in Prague
from 2011 Junior Researcher, Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Olomouc

Research area

  • Coordination chemistry – transition metals complexes (Mn, Fe, Co, Ni etc.)
  • Spin-crossover and molecular magnets
  • Chemistry of contrast agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Mn2+ and Gd3+ complexes)

Publication activity

  • Number of publications (WoS): 13
  • Number of citations (WoS): 239 (224 without self-citations)
  • H-index: 7

Current Research Grants:

  • Principal investigator of the grant GAČR 13-32167P: „Polyaza/polyoxamacrocycles as versatile building blocks in the synthesis of magnetically interesting transition metal complexes“, 2013–2015
  • Member of research staff of the project NPU I (LO1305): „Rozvoj centra pokročilých technologií a materiálů”, 2014–2019

International conferences

  • B. Drahoš: „Mn2+ complexes – alternative Contrast Agents for MRI“; Presentation at conference „Joint Working Groups 2 and 6 Meeting, COST D38 Action“, Turino, Italy, 24–26. 03. 2011.
  • B. Drahoš: “Structural diversity of transition metal complexes with 15-membered pyridine-containing macrocyclic ligand”; Presentation at conference “Zing Coordination Chemistry Conference”, Cancun, Mexico, 04–09. 12. 2013.
    B. Drahoš, R. Herchel, Z. Trávníček: “Coordination variability of 15-membered pyridine-based macrocycles”; Presentation at conference “41st International Conference on Coordination Chemistry”, Singapore, Singapore, 21–25. 07. 2014.
  • B. Drahoš, R. Herchel, Z. Trávníček: “Tuning of slow magnetic relaxation in heptacoordinate Co(II) complexes with pyridine-based macrocyclic ligands”; Flash Presentation and poster at conference “5th European Conference on Molecular Magnetism”, Zaragoza, Spain, 06.–10. 09. 2015.

Foreign stays

  • 18 months in the laboratory of Dr. Eva Toth in Centre de Biophysique Moleculaire, CNRS, Orleans, France (2007–2009)
  • 2 week in the laboratory of prof. Lothar Helm in Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne, Schwitzerland (2011)

Important publications

B. Drahoš, Z. Rohlík, J. Kotek, I. Císařová, P. Hermann; Complexes of highly hydrophilic triphenylphosphines modified with gem-bis(phosphonate) moiety. An unusual simultaneous cis and trans arrangements in the Pt(II) dinuclear complex; Dalton Trans. 2009, 4942–4953.

B. Drahoš, J. Kotek, P. Hermann, I. Lukeš, É. Tóth; Mn2+ complexes with pyridine-containing 15-membered macrocycles: Thermodynamic, kinetic, crystallographic and 1H/17O relaxation studies;  Inorg. Chem. 2010, 49, 3224–3238.

B. Drahoš, V. Kubíček, C. S. Bonnet, P. Hermann, I. Lukeš, É. Tóth; Dissociation kinetics of Mn2+ complexes of NOTA and DOTA; Dalton Trans. 2011, 40, 1945–1951.

B. Drahoš, M. Pniok, J. Havlíčková, J. Kotek. I. Císařová, P. Hermann, I. Lukeš and E. Toth; Mn2+ complexes of 1-oxa-4,7-diazacyclononane based ligands with acetic, phosphonic and phosphinic acid pendant arms: Stability and relaxation studies; Dalton Trans. 2011, 40, 10131–10146.

B. Drahoš, J. Kotek, I. Císařová, P. Hermann, L. Helm, I. Lukeš and É. Tóth; Mn2+ complexes with 12-membered pyridine based macrocycles bearing carboxylate or phosphonate pendant arm – crystallographic, thermodynamic, kinetic, redox and 1H/17O relaxation studies; Inorg. Chem. 2011, 50, 12785–12801.

B. Drahoš, I. Lukeš and É. Tóth; Manganese(II) Complexes as Potential Contrast Agents for MRI; Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2012, 1975–1986.

Z. Trávníček, R. Zbořil, M. Matiková-Maľarová, B. Drahoš, J. Černák; Thermal decomposition of [Co(en)3][Fe(CN)6]∙2H2O: Topotactic dehydration process, valence and spin exchange mechanism elucidation; Chem. Cent. J. 2013, 7:28.

B. Drahoš and Z. Trávníček; Synthesis of a Versatile Building Block Combining Cyclen-derivative DO3A with a Polyamine via a Rigid Spacer; Molecules 2013, 18(11), 13940–13956.

B. Drahoš, R. Herchel and Z. Trávníček; Structural, Magnetic, and Redox Diversity of First-Row Transition Metal Complexes of a Pyridine-Based Macrocycle: Well-Marked Trends Supported by Theoretical DFT Calculations; Inorg. Chem. 2015, 54, 3352–3369.