Mgr. Kateřina Holá

Research Activities

  • Carbon quantum dots, applications of graphene derivatives, bioimaging, drug delivery, biotechnology, magnetic separation, material characterization


  • Born: 1987
  • Bachelor degree: 2010, Chemistry, Charles University, Prague
  • Master degree: 2012, Physical Chemistry, Palacky University in Olomouc
  • Employment:
    • 2012 – recent: Junior Researcher (Ph.D. student), Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Palacky University in Olomouc

International conferences

Active participation and presentation of scientific results at international conference.

  • 2014 – BioTech2014 (6th Czech-Swiss Symphosium), June 11-14, 2014

Foreign visits

  • 2012 (October-November) University of Ioannina, Greece (prof. Athanasios B. Bourlinos)
  • 2014 (February-March) Institute of Polymer Science and Technology, Madrid, Spain (prof. Nekanne Guarrotxena)

Selected publications

Hola K, Markova Z, Zoppellaro G, Tucek J, Zboril R. Tailored functionalization of iron oxide nanoparticles for MRI, drug delivery, magnetic separation and immobilization of biosubstances. Biotechnol Adv 2015: 10.1016/j.biotechadv.2015.02.003.

Hola K, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Giannelis EP, Zboril R, Rogach AL. Carbon dots—Emerging light emitters for bioimaging, cancer therapy and optoelectronics. Nano Today 2014; 9:590–603.

Hola K, Bourlinos AB, Kozak O, Berka K, Siskova KM, Havrdova M, et al. Photoluminescence effects of graphitic core size and surface functional groups in carbon dots: COO− induced red-shift emission. Carbon 2014; 70:279–86.

Urbanová V, Holá K, Bourlinos AB, Čépe K, Ambrosi A, Loo AH, et al. Thiofluorographene-Hydrophilic Graphene Derivative with Semiconducting and Genosensing Properties. Adv Mater 2015: 10.1002/adma.201500094.

Datta KKR, Kozak O, Ranc V, Havrdova M, Bourlinos AB, Safarova K, et al. Quaternized Carbon Dots Modified Graphene Oxide for Selective Cell Labelling – Controlled Nucleus and Cytoplasm Imaging. Chem Commun 2014; 50:10782–5.

Bourlinos AB, Bakandritsos A, Kouloumpis A, Gournis D, Krysmann M, Giannelis EP, et al. Gd(iii)-doped carbon dots as a dual fluorescent-MRI probe. J Mater Chem 2012; 22:23327–30.