Doc. Pavel Štarha, Ph.D.


2010 Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, UP, Olomouc
2010–2016 Lecturer, Department of Inorganic Chemistry, UP, Olomouc
2010–2016 Junior Researcher, RCPTM, UP, Olomouc
2016 Assoc. Professor, Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, UP, Olomouc
from 2016 Senior Researcher, RCPTM, UP, Olomouc

Research interests

  • biological activity of transition metal complexes (Pt, Ir, Ru, Os, Ta, Rh, Cu, Pd, Au)
  • solution behaviour and studies of interaction with biomolecules
  • studies of mechanism of action (especially by flow cytometry)


Publication activity

  • Publications: 59
  • Citations: 671
  • H-index: 14
  • Patents: 1 European patent (EP2636410 B1, 04/2015), 4 national patents (CZ 307696 B6, 01/2019; CZ 305374 B6, 07/2015; CZ 303560 B6, 10/2012; CZ 303417 B6, 07/2012; CZ 302623 B6, 06/2011).

Foreign research stays

  • 2014–2015 – research stay in the prof. Sadler group (University of Warwick)


Further activities

  • laureate of the Alfred Bader Award for Bioorganic and Bioinorganic chemistry for 2017
  • Principal investigator of GAČR project (17-08512Y) „Bimodal coordination compounds of non-platinum transition metals as a new type of anticancer active substances“ (01/2017–12/2019)
  • Research team member of several scientific and educational projects

5 selected publications

  • Štarha, P.; Trávníček, Z.: Non-platinum complexes containing releasable biologically active ligands, Coord. Chem. Rev. 2019, 395, 130
  • Štarha, P.; Trávníček, Z.; Dvořák, Z.: A cytotoxic tantalum(v) half-sandwich complex: A new challenge for metal-based anticancer agents, Chem. Commun. 2018, 54, 9533
  • Štarha, P.; Habtemariam, A.; Romero-Canelón, I.; Clarkson, G.J.; Sadler, P.J.: Hydrogensulfide Adducts of Organo-Iridium Anticancer Complexes, Inorg. Chem. 2016, 55, 2324
  • Štarha, P.; Trávníček, Z.; Herchel, R.; Jewula, P.; Dvořák, Z.: A possible way how to improve in vitro cytotoxicity of half-sandwich Os(II) complexes against A2780 cells, Dalton Trans. 2018, 47, 5714
  • Štarha, P.; Trávníček, Z.; Crlíková, H.; Vančo, J.; Kašpárková, J.; Dvořák, Z.: Half-Sandwich Ir(III) Complex of N1-Pyridyl-7-azaindole Exceeds Cytotoxicity of Cisplatin at Various Human Cancer Cells and 3D Multicellular Tumor Spheroids, Organometallics 2018, 37, 2749