Výroční vědecká konference Regionálního cenra pokročilých technologií a materiálů

We announce the second annual scientific conference of Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials. The conference is held on 4th-5th October. The conference will be focused on scientifical results of the Centre. The conference will cover topics from all fields of interest in nanomaterial and optical research: Nanocrystalline oxides of transition metals in environmental, medical, catalytic, and optical applications; Carbon nanostructures, biomacromolecules and hybrid systems – synthesis, modeling of interaction and applications; Biologically-active compounds and molecular magnets on the basis of complexes of transition metals in interaction with nanocrystalline magnetic carriers; Advanced optical and photonic technologies; Advanced materials on the basis of nanoparticles of metals and metal hybrids with extraordinary reduction, antibacterial, sorption and catalytic properties; and Nanometric systems and nanotechnologies in new analytic approaches. The annual conference takes place at the hotel Akademie in Hrubá Voda (near to Olomouc) under the auspices of Prof. Radek Zbořil, Ph.D. , the General director of the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials.