Another patent granted

SC_006On December 2, 2015 the inventors from the Department of Inorganic Chemistry (Z. Trávníček, J. Gáliková J. Hošek, and J. Vančo) were granted the twelfth national patent entitled “Gold complexes with ω-substituted derivatives of 6-alkyloxy-9-deazapurins and phosphane derivatives and use of these complexes in the preparation of medicaments for therapy of inflammatory and tumor diseases” (CZ 305624 B6), warranting the legal protection of the intellectual property rights to a group of ternary gold(I) complexes with 6-alkyloxy-derivatives of 9-deazapurines (HL) and derivatives of phosphane (PR3) with the general formula [Au(L)(PR3)]. The compounds showed high anti-inflammatory and selective antitumor activities against six human tumor cells lines, including the cisplatin-resistant subline. In these cancer cell lines, these substances were up to 20-times more effective as compared with the cisplatin and therefore the use of these compounds for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and/or cancer has also been patented.