iCG Surface Energy Analyzer (iGC-SEA)


The iGC-SEA is based on Inverse Gas Chromatography (IGC) methodology and is a gas phase technique for characterising surface and bulk properties of solid materials. A cylindrical column is uniformly packed with the solid material of interest, typically a powder, fibre or film. A pulse of constant concentration of gas is then injected down the column at a fixed carrier gas flow rate, and the time taken for the pulse or concentration front to elute down the column is measured by a detector. A series of IGC measurements with different gas phase probe molecules then allows access to a wide range of hysico chemical properties of the solid sample, e.g. the dispersive component of the surface energy (γDS) can be calculated from the retention times obtained from inverse gas chromatography measurements of a series of n-alkane probes injected at infinite dilution (concentration within the Henry region of the adsorption isotherm)

Contact person: Eva Otyepková (eva.otyepkova@upol.cz)