Automated Visual Systems

Rapid quality control

The introduction of automated visual systems (also called machine vision systems) for monitoring goods and products is a problem frequently faced in assembly line production. If visual checks are carried out by humans, the monotonous work inevitably leads to gradually failing concentration, which subsequently increases errors. For this reason, sensing cameras for technological operations have been offered and put to use. Upon being connected to a control computer with the requisite programme, they are capable of controlling manipulators and providing status signals to technological systems.

In this area, RCPTM researchers participated in the design, development and implementation of an inspection device for monitoring the quality of a process involving the spraying of coloured markers on the surface of automobile springs. The springs are monitored on a technological assembly line located in a production hall environment typical for mechanical engineering. The monitored objects consist of coloured markers sprayed on the surface of automobile springs. The number of markers and their colours indicate the spring class; there may be several classes for each type of spring. The entire cycle of scanning and evaluating an image may not exceed 6 seconds, which is dictated by the speed of the technological assembly line. In addition to designing the device, RCPTM researchers participated in the production itself, including development of the requisite software.

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