Looking into heaven and hell

Increasing the efficiency of combustion processes in various industries (power plants, heating plants, cement plants, chemical plants, waste incinerators, mining) is currently not possible without facilities capable of monitoring the combustion process in real-time. Based upon a knowledge of the physics of flame, combustion can be influenced to minimize air pollution while achieving maximum efficiency.

For this reason, RCPTM has designed a method of video-computer monitoring of flame spectrum temperature during the combustion process using a CCD camera. This method of measurement takes advantage of the sharp differences between the spectral reduction image (yellow prevails) and oxidizing flame (blue prevails). One of the key conditions for successful solution to this problem entails the development and implementation of an optical device which will allow a high-quality imaging of the flame on the CCD chip of a colour camera used under various types of combustion operations with various types of furnaces. The RCPTM Department of Optical and Photonic Technologies is responsible for the development and production of the optical portion of the device, a technical borescope, in close collaboration with several companies. Based upon validation tests of functional samples and prototypes provided by INDEL s.r.o. (Slovakia), the borescopes are distributed to POWITEC (Germany) which introduces them into manufacturing processes in Europe (mainly Germany, Austria, the CR and Slovakia), South America (Argentina) and Asia (India, Malaysia and Turkey).

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