Surface and drinking water treatment

Oxidative Technologies Based on iron in High Valence State (Ferrates IV,V,VI)
Highly efficient in removal of
  • Inorganic compounds such as Arsenic, Uranium, Zinc, Copper, Nickel (and many other heavy metals), metal cyanides, phosphates, sulfates, etc.
  • Organic compounds such as hormones, pesticides, pharmaceutical compounds, etc.
  • Biological pollutants such as Cyanobacteria
Properties of Ferrate materials
  • High oxidative potential (electron acceptor) due to Fe in high valence state
  • Highly effective against wide spectrum of pollutants
  • Disinfecting effect against various microorganisms (Cryptoporidium, Coliforms, Salmonella, etc.)
  • Coagulation and fiocculation capacity
  • Increasing pH value
  • High reactivity and low reagent consumption
  • Reaction products are benign iron oxides with high surface area which is advantageously useful for additional sorption
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Low cost comparing to conventional technologies

  • Product based on Ferrate (IV, V or VI, or their combination) with outstanding oxidation capacity
  • Oxidation/disinfection properties are accompanied with high sorption capacity of reaction products
  • Soluble material stable in solutions at high pH
  • Stable in solid form at dry conditions

And much more...
  • We are able to offer custom modified Fe-based nanomaterials
  • Any additional information on request

Any additional information on request: