Czech government extended state of emergency; some measures have been eased

The Czech parliament has approved extending a state of emergency until April 30

  • The government has approved lifting some restrictions, applying to retailers and sports
    practised outdoor. As of April 9, sales are permitted in DIY stores, building and construction
    products stores, ironmonger’s, bicycle shops and services. As early as Tuesday 7 April, places
    for raw material collection and purchase will be allowed to reopen, including the possibility
    of dumping waste in collection yards. At the same time outdoor sports venues will reopen.
  • Shops must ensure that, for example, customers in queues stay two metres apart or
    frequently touched items are regularly sanitized, such as handles, railings or shopping carts.
  • The temporary restriction on the free movement of persons excludes now practising sports
    in outdoor venues, parks, the countryside and other public places. While doing sport, there is
    no need to wear a face mask, or other mouth and nose protection, if people are separated
    from others by a physical barrier (e.g. outdoor courts separated by a wall or fence) or keep a
    distance of at least 2 metres. Only two people, with the exception of household members,
    can do sport together and must keep a distance of at least 2 metres from other people. The
    associated indoor areas of the sports venue, in particular communal lockers, shower rooms
    and similar facilities, must not be used.