Magnetic Nanostructures

Aristeides Bakandritsos, Ph.D.

Group Leader

Phone:  +420 585 634 959

Research Areas

The group focuses on the synthesis, development and study of low dimensional materials based on carbon, iron, nonhydrated iron oxides and their hybrids, including molecular complexes. Significant attention is devoted to understanding the mechanisms driving the structure and composition of these materials in relation to their magnetic features, along with engineering their reactive and functional sites, describing their behaviour in the nanoworld and identifying such parameters that can tune their properties and enhance their applicability.

The application potential ranges from technological to catalytic to environmental remediation and applications related to energy storage. For in depth structural and magnetic characterization, a broad portfolio of experimental techniques is employed, including Mössbauer spectroscopy in various modes (low-, room-, and high-temperature or in-field), magnetometers (PPMS-DC/AC) and EPR spectroscopy. When studying materials for energy storage, the group exploits electrochemical battery stations with environmental chambers and glove-boxes. The group also operates instruments for TG and DSC analyses coupled with evolved gas analysis with mass spectroscopy. The activities further involve simulation and theoretical modelling to describe the magnetic properties of carbon nanostructures in particular. The group has also access to the central infrastructure of RCPTM for advanced materials characterization. Besides conducting research, the group participates in the development and construction of Mössbauer spectrometers, which are sold worldwide, and in the production of new brands of permanent magnets based on rare iron oxides phases.

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Key researchers

Piotr Blonski, Ph.D.

Key researcher