Magnetic nanostructures

Research Areas

The group focuses on study of magnetic properties of various nanostructured materials based on iron, nonhydrated iron oxides and carbon and their hybrids including also molecular complexes. A significant attention is devoted to understand the mechanisms driving the materials’ magnetic features, describe the magnetic behavior in the nanoworld and identify parameters that can tune the magnetic properties to enhance the materials’ applicability. The applicability of such nanostructures spans from technological, biomedical to environmental fields in which they are tested. For a magnetic characterization, a broad portfolio of experimental techniques are employed including Mössbauer spectroscopy in various modes (low-, room-, and high-temperature, in-field, in-situ, etc.) magnetometers (SQUID, PPMS device), and EPR. Besides, the group disposes of instruments for TG and DSC analyses. The group activities also involve simulation and theoretical studies constructing models to describe the magnetic properties of, particularly, carbon nanostructures. Besides research, the group participates in development and construction of Mössbauer spectrometers that are sold worldwide.

Key researchers

Aristeides Bakandritsos, Ph.D.

Key researcher

Phone:  +420 585 634 950

Piotr Blonski, Ph.D.

Key researcher


Results highlights:

Jiří Tuček, Robert Prucek, Jan Kolarik, Giorgio Zoppellaro, Martin Petr, Jan Filip, Virender K. Sharma, Radek Zboril, Zero-Valent Iron Nanoparticles Reduce Arsenites and Arsenates to As(0) Firmly Embedded in Core-Shell Superstructure – Challenging Strategy of Arsenic Treatment under Anoxic Conditions. ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, vol. 5, 2017. DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.6b02698
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Group members

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Červenková 585 63 4339
Jančík DaliborMgr., 585 63 1406
Machala Libordoc., RNDr., 585 63 4959
Malina OndřejMgr., 585 63 4485
Mašláň Miroslav Prof.,RNDr., 585 63 4301
Miriyala Vijay
Navařík JakubMgr., 585 63 4366
Popa IgorMgr., 585 63 4472
Schneeweis Oldřich Ing.,
Ugolotti 585 63 4339
Zoppellaro GiorgioDr. Rer. 585 63 4950