New measures: In public in no more than two

All coronavirus-tackling measures are extended domestically until 1 April. It also applies to restrictions on the free movement of people. With the exception of journeys to work, to health facilities, to see family and a few other exceptions, people are supposed to avoid staying in public places.

Under the new regulation, which has already come into force, people are to stay in public places of no more than two persons, excluding household members, work, business or other similar activities and attending a funeral. At the same time, people should maintain a distance of at least two metres when in contact with others, if possible. Such a guideline is already appearing in some grocery stores, for example.

Time reserved in grocery stores and drugstores for over- 65s and disabled people over 50 is changed from 08: 00 and 10: 00. Therefore, do not go to these stores at this time. Smaller shops in villages, bakeries or delicatessen are not subject to the restriction, but sellers are ordered to prioritise the elderly and older people with disabilities when selling.

The changes, which follow the government’s previously adopted resolutions, aim to temporarily limit social contacts between people to the maximum extent in order to prevent as much as possible community transmission of the infection.