Publication in Coordination Chemistry Reviews

Multi-targeted complexes containing releasable bioactive ligand(s) represent one of the hottest topics for the bioinorganic chemists. We reviewed rationally designed cytotoxic complexes of Ru, Rh, Pd, Os and Ir, which contain releasable bioactive ligand(s) and the special attention was paid to complexes which release this ligand(s) and cytotoxic metal-containing species. The simultaneous action of the released species ensures various biological profits, such as higher cytotoxic activity, cytotoxicity at different cells. The resulting biological effect of the molecular components is connected with their additive mechanism of action.

Štarha, P.; Trávníček, Z. Non-platinum complexes containing releasable biologically active ligands. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 2019, 395, 130–145. Link