Publication in Inorganic Chemistry

Publication entitled “Impact of Halogenido Coligands on Magnetic Anisotropy in Seven-Coordinate Co(II) Complexes” (authors: B. Drahoš, R. Herchel, Z. Trávníček) has been published in the chemistry journal Inorganic Chemistry. The magnetic data analyses of pentagonal-bipyramidal mononuclear Co(II) complexes with general formula [Co(L)X2], where L is a 15-membered pentadentate pyridine-based macrocycle and X is monodentate halogenido ligand (Cl, Br, I), revealed a large easy-plane type of the magnetic anisotropy (D > 0) with the D-values increasing in the order 35 cm−1 (I), 38 cm−1 (Cl), and 41 cm−1 (Br). Obtained D-values correlated well with the Mayer bond order (decreasing in unexpected order Co−I > Co−Cl > Co−Br), which could be a consequence of two competing factors – the ligand field splitting and the Co−X bond covalency. All the complexes also behaved as field-induced single-molecule magnets.