Publication in Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry

aaSC_006 The publication “Diverse in vitro and in vivo anti-inflammatory effects of trichlorido-gold(III) complexes with N6-benzyladenine derivatives“ was recently published in the respected bioinorganic journal, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry (J. Inorg. Biochem. 134 (2014) 92-99, IF2012 = 3.197). The work describes a series of gold(III) complexes with N-donor ligands derived from N6-benzyladenine, which were studied in vitro and in vivo for anti-inflammatory activity. Surprisingly, the results on the in vitro level revealed that the complexes show negligible anti-inflammatory activity, however, the activity on the in vivo level was found to be significant, fully comparable with the utilized drug Indomethacin, or even better as compared to a gold-containing metallodrug Auranofin.