Technology that caught interest at the Invent Arena exhibition

Gold medal from the international exhibition of patents and inventions Invent Arena 2018 goes to Petr Fryčák from RCPTM. He succeeded with his device SURface that measures surface condensation in various applications.

Surface is a functional prototype based on a patent. Using a two-electrode sensor, it enables real-time measurement of any changes on the surface of the sensor that are connected with condensation of water vapour in the nearby environment. Fast speed of the response, the possibility of miniaturizing the sensor, and low production costs are advantages that this technology has over others.

“Demisting a car’s windows controlled by smart ventilation or observing the state of optical systems —these are some examples of how to deploy SURface. It is applicable to automotive or aeronautic industry as well as to smart buildings and homes,” said Pavel Fryčák, who is behind this invention designed within the grant scheme Proof-of-Concept  realized at the Science and Technology Park of the Palacký University, funded by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic.

Invent Arena 2018 was organized by the Czech Metallurgical Society and the Třinecké železárny company in WERK Arena Třinec on June 20–22. This event is held annually and aims at entrepreneurs, investors, research institutes, innovative companies, high schools, and universities.