Nanomaterials in Biomedicine

Research Areas

The research focus of the BioMed Group covers the development of advanced drug delivery and imaging systems, plasmonic biosensors, antibacterial products based on silver nanoparticles and studying the toxicity of nanomaterials.

The BioMed Group, in close collaboration with other RCPTM groups, aims for the rational design of multifunctional nanoparticles or 2D nanoplatforms, based mainly on metal nanoparticles, carbon dots or graphene derivatives, and their consecutive functionalization for applications not only in advanced drug delivery, imaging and biosensing but also for their commercial use as part of new technologies and products.

Toxicity of new nanomaterials is an important issue for their further successful commercialization. Therefore, our expertise also includes reliably testing toxicity at cellular and subcellular level with the aim of understanding the mechanism behind nanomaterials’ interaction with living systems.

Results Highlights