Werner von Siemens Award introduces novelty into its rules

The 22st year of Werner von Siemens Award introduces a few novelties. This annual award goes to the most outstanding students, scientists and teachers from fields of science and technology. The organizers decided to support those who have engaged in Industry 4.0 in the Czech Republic, the fourth industrial revolution, as well as supporting women in science. The prizes for this year have become even more glittering for awardees in the category of the best master’s thesis and PhD thesis. Applications must be sent by November 30.

“The new categories should reflect the state of Czech industry along with the position of female scientists. By focusing on Industry 4.0 we aim to draw attention to topics that are crucial for the future of Czech industry. I believe that the new award for outstanding female scientific performance will contribute to highlighting the importance of women in science in general and supporting them along their career paths,” said the General Director of Siemens, the Czech Republic, Eduard Palíšek. Through this competition, Siemens has been continuously fostering diversity in science. A special award also goes to a student who has achieved excellent scientific results despite a heath problem.

Prizes worth almost one million Czech Crowns will be awarded in seven different categories. The financial rewards in the categories of the best master’s thesis and PhD thesis, both for students and their supervisors, will go the tune of 50, 30, 20 thousand Czech Crowns for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

A great novelty has been introduced by Porsche Prague, the Czech Republic, which will give the university of the winner in the category of the best master‘s thesis the loan of an electric car. The university can make use of a Volkswagen car for the whole academic year of 2019/2020.  Siemens will provide the power station.

Siemens collaborates with 15 Czech universities and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The winners are selected by independent boards comprised of leading experts from various fields of science and technology. Werner von Siemens Award ranks among the most important events of this kind in the Czech Republic, measured by its scope, financial rewards and long history. Since 1998 the number of awardees has risen to 344, receiving more than 10 million Czech Crowns. Palacký University Olomouc has also been successful in the past. In 2018, Kateřina Holá from RCPTM collected the award for the best doctoral thesis and a special award for the best thesis written by a female scientist. Her PhD thesis supervisor Radek Zbořil received the prize as well. In 2012, it was Karel Lemr from the Joint Laboratory of Optics and his supervisor Jan Sobusta who succeeded in this competition.

Those who want to enter the competition should apply online on the Siemens website by November 30.