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Another ERC grant goes to RCPTM, first of its kind
UP Academic Senate approves the establishment of a new university institute
Representatives of National Science Foundation visit RCPTM
RCPTM lends Colombia a helping hand with treating its water
Scientists have developed cheap and available material for supercapacitors
RCPTM features strongly again in the Highly Cited Researchers 2019 list
Science and Technology Week with RCPTM participation
Czech–British workshop on nanomaterials with RCPTM participation
National Sustainability Programme ended, with results exceeding original commitments
Nanocon conference will focus on nanomaterials for the energy industry
ERC CZ grant will support the development of a new class of catalysts
Scientists have extended the spectrum of anticancer agents by including new gold complexes
NANOBIOWAT has started to review its research activities
Chemically modified 2D materials can act as toxic blades for water organisms
An open letter to the Dean of the Faculty of Science
RCPTM employees are ready to take strike action
A new microscope will allow RCPTM to rank with top European scientific centres
Jobs and Career
Michal Otyepka substitutes for Radek Zbořil
Plant Biotechnology: Green for Good V conference has stimulated collaborative research of nano- and biotechnologies
Werner von Siemens Award introduces novelty into its rules
RCPTM will take part in a conference for plant biologists
Congratulations to the chemist Josef Michl on his birthday
Beller: Catalysis is a route to sustainable development on Earth
RCPTM made a contribution to the exhibition entitled ‘Water and Civilization’
Scientists from Olomouc accelerate chemical reactions with a single atom
Matthias Beller will speak as part of Rudolf Zahradník Lecture Series
Ways to overcome bacterial resistance to antibiotics are sought worldwide. Scientists in Olomouc bet on nanosilver
Contemporary Chemistry lecture series concludes with a lecture on democracy
Hajdúch: ‘You must be prepared for defeats when developing pharmaceuticals’
Chemists develop unique tantalum complexes with anticancer activity
Prestigious grant EXPRO will enable researchers to tune properties of molecules via 2D materials
RCPTM researchers significantly contribute to progress made on carbon nanostructures
Contemporary Chemistry lecture series continues—RCPTM Director to introduce the world of carbon nanostructures
A world-renowned chemist comes back to RCPTM after a year to foster collaboration
Scientists have provided new insights into interaction of proteins with RNA
Decoding plant genome is first topic of Contemporary Chemistry lecture series
Academic Senate of Palacký University approves proposal to integrate research centres
The Contemporary Chemistry Lecture Series Draws Attention to Science in Olomouc and its Success
RCPTM had its representative in the official Czech delegation at nano tech 2019
Jiří Žák: RCPTM plays fair, that’s what matters most
Experts shared their knowledge during a workshop on drug design
Scientific Attaché of The French Embassy visits RCPTM
The chemistry in Olomouc produces remarkably successful publications
RCPTM Award 2018 Winners announced!
Four researchers on the Highly Cited Researchers 2018 list are from RCPTM
The article on novel 2D composites for effective electrochemical water splitting belongs to the most successful ones
Nanocon conference celebrated its 10th anniversary
The physical chemist Aleš Panáček has won a ‘President’s Prize’ of GACR
New way to control the magnetic and electronic properties of molecules
Weile Yan’s visit from Texas Tech University.
Zdeněk Dvořák has resigned his membership of the Bioethical Commission
Scientists report progress in the development of non-metallic magnet
New carbon material developed for electrical energy storage
Technology that caught interest at the Invent Arena exhibition
Professor Gogotsi from Drexel University introduced MXenes
Scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding the movement and structure of ion hydrates
Helping emerging biotechnologies and nanotechnologies go from the lab to the marketplace
Bacterial resistance to silver nanoparticles can be overcome
RCPTM succeeded in a prestigious grant competition Excellence in Research