Matthias Beller will speak as part of Rudolf Zahradník Lecture Series

Rudolf Zahradník Lecture Series will host a world-renowned scientist and one of the most highly cited researchers. On Friday, May 3, at 10 a.m., at the assembly hall of the Faculty of Science, Prof. Beller, an expert on chemical catalysis and organic/organometallic chemistry from Leibniz Institute for Catalysis University of Rostock, will deliver a talk called Catalysis for a Sustainable World.

Prof. Beller is one of the leading researchers in chemical catalysis and novel technologies involving nanomaterials. He focuses on catalytic processes, high pressure chemistry, and synthesis of biologically active agents that are environmentally benign and have industrial applications. “In his lecture called Catalysis for a Sustainable World, Prof. Beller will explain the pros and cons of catalytic processes in various fields, such as drug development, food production, and synthesis of materials,” said RCPTM’s General Director Radek Zbořil, who presides over this lecture series, which aims to introduce the academics and general public in Olomouc to world-renowned researchers in chemistry, materials science, and optics

Prof. Beller has obtained an advanced ERC grant, and been awarded various honorary doctorates and other prizes including a Dr. Karl Wamsler Innovation Award. He is also a highly cited researcher, who repeatedly appears in the Highly Cited Researchers list, with an H-index of 124, and more than 1000 publications, many in the most prestigious journals such as Science, Nature, Nature Chemistry, and Nature Catalysis.