The ‘Water’ exhibition will be in Olomouc

An exhibition of photographs entitled ‘Water and Civilization’, which had its opening two years ago on Kampa Island, Prague, and was prepared with the participation of scientists from RCPTM, goes to Olomouc. Visitors will be able to see it from June 24 to mid-July in Horní náměstí. The authors of the exhibit, led by Czech Egyptologist and archaeologist Miroslav Bárta, have no small ambitions—to change people’s approach to such a common thing as water.

The pictures on large-scale panels are intended to introduce those interested to the stories of water, which played a key role in the history of human civilization. Even now, it is a strategic raw material, and caring for it is the task (not just) for the current generation. It was not a coincidence that the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM), now part of Palacký University’s Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute (CATRIN), was among the domestic and foreign institutions involved in the preparation of the exhibition two years ago.

“Water and nanomaterials are very close—their interaction is older than humanity itself. As part of the exhibition, among other things, we present the possibility of using iron nanoparticles for groundwater treatment. We have been studying this issue for a long time, and we have patented the production of these types of nanoparticles, which have already been used in dozens of locations nationally and abroad,” said the Head of CATRIN-RCPTM and one of the authors of the accompanying texts to the exhibition Michal Otyepka. Jan Filip and Radek Zbořil from CATRIN also took part in the preparation of the exhibition.

The Morava river basin revitalizes the Bečva river near Skalička and Černotín. Source: Medialogue


The photographs come from many institutions and many authors. They depict, for example, the headwaters of the Amazon River, research into the behaviour of whales and dolphins, images of water in various forms, or the devastating flood in Prague in 2002. Some photographs will show locations in and around Olomouc. The exhibition is organised by the city of Olomouc—the organizer is the company Medialogue. Further information is available on