Tomas Malina wins postdoc position at Karolinska Institute

The prestigious Karolinska Institute in Sweden will host Tomas Malina from CATRIN, who competed against another 30 candidates. As a postdoc in Professor Fadeel’s team, one of the world’s top nanotoxicity groups, he will be involved in implementing a new scientific project from February 2022.

“I’m going to deal with the interactions of nanomaterials with immune system cells, which is a fascinating topic, from my point of view. I spent my entire doctoral studies investigating 2D nanomaterials, but I will now study them from a slightly different perspective. I believe it will be a great opportunity to learn new things,” said Malina, who works at CATRIN in the Nanomaterials in Biomedicine group and recently received his PhD degree under Radek Zbořil.

He looks forward in particular to working with the renowned scientist Bengt Fadeel, Head of the Molecular Toxicology Unit at the Institute of Environmental Medicine. Like Peter Wick from the Swiss science centre EMPA, where this young scientist did his internship last year, Fadeel is an active member of the European cluster for nano-safety and nanotoxicity. “After my stay, I would certainly like to go back to CATRIN and help to integrate our science centre into this international cluster. Its members are top scientists in the field,” said Malina.

He succeeded in this competition thanks to his experience and good results in the recently completed doctoral studies. “Tomáš has quite extraordinary potential for multidisciplinary research, with an overlap in nanotechnology, biomedicine, molecular biology and material research. As part of his doctorate, he published a number of major papers describing the toxicity of carbon nanomaterials. I am very pleased that he will continue to pursue his very promising career in one of the world’s best institutions,” said Zbořil.

The Karolinska Institute is among Europe’s largest medical universities, regularly topping international university rankings. For example, it ranked eighth in the QS World University Rankings this year. It is here where the Nobel Prize Ceremony in Physiology and Medicine is held.