Scientists associated with CATRIN succeed in ranking

rankings. CATRIN-RCPTM’s Scientific Director Radek Zbořil was ranked highest in the field of materials science on the national ranking list, and ranked 471 in the global comparison.
The first position, this time in the field of chemistry, also belongs to Pavel Hobza, who reached position 223 in the world rankings.

The second edition of’s ranking of the top material scientists was created based on data collected from a variety of sources including OpenAlex and CrossRef. The position in the rankings is based on a scientist’s D-index (Discipline H-index), which includes only papers and citations for the relevant field of study.
Bibliometric data for the evaluation of citation-based metrics were collected on December 21, 2022. Among domestic material scientists, Michal Otyepka ranked 4th and Pavel Jelínek 15th.

This year´s ranking was the first edition in the field of chemistry. In addition to Professor Hobza, the national rankings include Radek Zbořil on 3rd position in the field of chemistry, Jiří Šponer is 5th and Michal Otyepka 12th.

The ranking provides assessment of scientists in more than 20 fields, ranging from the natural sciences, medicine to social sciences.