Professor Gogotsi from Drexel University introduced MXenes

The world-renowned scientist in the field of material chemistry Yury Gogotsi from Drexel University, Philadelphia, delivered the last talk of the Rudolf Zahradník Lecture Series for the academic year 2017/2018 on June 25. His lecture focused mainly on two-dimensional MXenes, which are a promising material for energy storage and other applications.

Professor Gogotsi has taken the research into two-dimensional systems far beyond the Nobel Prize material—graphene. He was a member of the team that discovered a new class of 2D carbides and nitrides— MXenes. These structures show great potential in sensory technologies, energy storage, water remediation, optoelectronics, and medicine. “Currently we are collaborating in research on hybrid materials while exploiting the chemistry of fluorographene and the properties of some MXenes in order to develop high-efficiency supercapacitors”, said Radek Zbořil, RCPTM Director, who is also convenor for the Rudolf Zahradník Lecture Series.

Whilst the RCPTM researchers are focusing on developing graphene derivatives, this Ukrainian scientist is concentrating on MXenes. According to him, the two materials will be combined in some application, but used separately in others.

“The development of MXenes does not aim at replacing graphene in its application. There is a large group of MXenes from which we are trying the pick the right one to reach the particular goal. Not only do the properties of the material but also the cost of its production represent a major issue when deciding about the specific use. With respect to it, graphene is ahead”, said professor Gogotsi. In his lecture MXenes – Synthesis, Properties, and Applications of Two-Dimensional Carbides and Nitrides, the Largest Family of 2D Materials, professor Gogotsi presented the history of the research into MXenes at Drexel University, the properties of this material, and the potential for its use.

Professor Gogotsi is the author or co-author of two books. He is a named inventor of more than 50 European or American patents and author of more than 600 publications that have received 52 000 citations. His x-index has reached 102. He has been awarded various prestigious prizes and honorary degrees. In 2018 he became a member of the International Scientific Board NF Neuron.