Congratulations to the chemist Josef Michl on his birthday

There’s no other way to celebrate an 80th birthday of a world-renowned chemist than by organizing a scientific conference—Josef Michl 80.  Josef Michl is a leading scientist based concurrently at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences (IOCB CA) and the University of Colorado Boulder. RCPTM Director Radek Zbořil couldn’t miss out on such an event and congratulated Mr. Michl on his birthday by giving a talk on Chemistry of Graphene and Carbon Dots Towards Advanced Magnetic, Biomedical and Environmental Technologies.


“It was a great honour to be invited and deliver a talk. I respect him for his remarkable accomplishments.  Mr. Michl is one of the most eminent scientists that our country can boast,” said the RCPTM Director.

In 2013, Josef Michl gave a talk as part of the Rudolf Zahradník Lecture Series, which is presided over by Radek Zbořil. In the spring 2014, three super stars of Czech chemistry—Josef Michl, Pavel Hobza, and Rudolf Zahradník—met in Olomouc.

Professor Michl’s research interests are surface-mounted molecular rotors and molecular electronics; reactive intermediates; boron, fluorine, and silicon chemistry; molecular electronic structures; or photochemistry and solar energy.