Review article targets the mechanical properties of MXenes

A comprehensive look at the mechanical properties of MXenes, two-dimensional materials with great potential for a wide range of applications, is provided by a review article in the prestigious journal Advanced Materials, produced by Rajender S. Varma from RCPTM in collaboration with Massoud Malaki from Isfahan University of Technology, Iran.

“Our review article offers a comprehensive view of the material, mechanical and tribological properties of MXene nanolayers. It provides an update on the progress made in the synthesis and manufacture of MXene-enhanced nanocomposites. It also focuses on understanding the physical phenomena behind the tribological properties of MXenes, including results from computational studies. I believe that such a review of the mechanical behaviour of MXene-based composites will enrich this emerging area with additional opportunities for the production of new materials and structures with the desired properties,” said Varma.

MXenes are 2D structures based on carbides, nitrides and carbonitrides of transition metals, which are used in a wide range of research fields, from medicine to energy and environmental applications. They have a variety of unique electronic, mechanical and tribological properties, which can also be modulated by their composition. The latter can be used, for example, to reduce friction and wear on materials. Because of their unique and modulable properties, MXenes have tremendous potential not only as materials themselves, but also as components for advanced composite structures with, for example, polymers. For these reasons, the use of MXenes is extensively investigated in nanocomposites and lubrication systems based on solid or liquid substances.