Science and Technology Week with RCPTM participation

RCPTM will prepare an open day and lecture for high school students as part of the largest domestic science festival called the Science and Technology Week. The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic is organizing this event from November 11 to 17, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution. The RCPTM programme is based on global threats (hot issues), which include shortage of drinking water. Hence, the head of the Environmental Nanotechnology research group, Jan Filip, has prepared a lecture for students called Clean Water as a Gift and How Nanotechnology Can Help. He will demonstrate how pollution from underground, surface, and wastewater can be removed using extremely small particles. He will also introduce other (nano) technologies that are environmentally friendly. Attendees will learn about the world of nanoparticles through excursions at RCPTM. For example, they will learn how nanotechnologies can contribute to improving human health and using renewable energy sources. Scientists will introduce participants to the main areas of chemical, material and optical research at RCPTM, taking them on a guided tour as well as showing different experiments. More on