pronounces UP a domestic leader in materials science thanks to CATRIN scientists

CATRIN of Palacký University scored high in this year’s edition of’s international ranking. In materials science, a physical chemist Radek Zbořil is the second-best domestic scientist and ranked an excellent 434th position worldwide. Michal Otyepka is ranked fifth in the Czech Republic (2106th in the world). Thanks to them, UP is the leader in material sciences among all institutions in the Czech Republic. Both scientists also ranked first in chemistry and helped UP to the second place in the Czech Republic in this scientific discipline. The oldest Moravian university ranked third overall with 13 representatives, behind Charles University (61 scientists) and Masaryk University (29 scientists).

“I am very proud of the result of our scientists and I congratulate them from the bottom of my heart. I have always stressed that the foundation of a university and its success lies in the people, their talent, enthusiasm and, above all, hard work. I am glad that the most successful ones come from CATRIN or intensively cooperate with CATRIN,” commented CATRIN Director Pavel Banáš on the success.

In the field of Materials Science, the ranking examined up to 27,059 scientists. The position in the ranking is based on the D-index, which includes only publications and citations in the relevant field. The bibliometric data was collected in November 2023. The domestic ranking is led by Martin Pumera (D-index 112) from Brno University of Technology, who works closely with CATRIN, except as a member of the research team of the OP JAK TECHSCALE project. Radek Zbořil (D-index 110) is right behind him and Michal Otyepka (D-index 76) is fifth.

Both scientists have also achieved outstanding success in Chemistry, where Pavel Hobza from the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences reigns supreme in the domestic ranking (247th in the world). Radek Zbořil was only three places behind his scientific mentor. In the world comparison, as in the material sciences, he is in the top 500 scientists. Michal Otyepka is tenth in the Czech Republic and 2323rd in the world in Chemistry.  Representing UP, Jitka Ulrichová from the Faculty of Medicine (28th in the Czech Republic) and Petr Jurečka from the Faculty of Science (61st in the Czech Republic) are also ranked among the world’s best chemists. More than 72302 scientists were analysed for the field of Chemistry.

The aim of the ranking is to show who the leading authorities are and where they are heading in specific areas of research. Detailed information is available at