Government introduces night curfew and bans Sunday sales

Night curfew

Since Wednesday, October 28, the government has placed the whole are of the Czech Republic under curfew, being in effect between 9:00 pm and 4:59 am. Exceptions will apply to travelling to work, performing your job duties, urgent travels to protect life; health; and property, and also walking dogs within 500 metres of the place of residence. Compliance with the curfew will be monitored by the police. Police officers will be allowed to ask for citizens’ IDs and a proof that these persons belong to one of the aforementioned exceptions, which may be submitted retrospectively. These measures will remain in place until the end of the state of emergency on November 3, with the Cabinet being likely to ask for extension.

Retail sales restrictions

Retail stores can be open only between 5 am and 8 pm, not opening at all on Sundays. However, the ban does not apply to petrol stations, pharmacies or stores in areas of increased passenger concentration such as airports, railway stations or bus stations. Exceptions also apply to outdoor markets which can sell only local products such as fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs or pastries. The spacing between the stalls must be two metres, with a maximum of 20 people per 400 square metres able to move around. The ban does not apply to mobile shops servicing small villages where there are no regular groceries.

Authorities and companies should also order work from home if possible. Measures should be in place until the end of the state of emergency, on November 3.

A possible return to schools?

The government will decide on the possible return of primary school students, or part of them, to school on the basis of the covid data at the end of the week. However, the numbers are unfavourable, as the Health Minister warned. For example, there is the option of returning only first and second graders to schools.