Mgr. Marek Machata


2011–2013 Inorganic Chemistry, Palacky University in Olomouc (Mgr.)
since 2013 Junior Researcher, Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials, Faculty of Science, Palacky University in Olomouc

Research interest

  • Coordination chemistry (Mn, Fe, Ni, lanthanides)
  • Magnetochemistry (molecular magnets)
  • Physical property measurement system (PPMS), SQUID magnetometry

Publication activity

  • Number of publications (WoS): 2
  • H-index: 1

Stays abroad

  • 2015: Germany, 1 month, group of prof. Joris van Slageren, Univerzität Stuttgart, Stuttgart


  1. I. Nemec, M. Machata, R. Herchel, R. Boča, Z, Trávníček, A new family of Fe2Ln complexes built from mononuclear anionic Schiff base subunits, Dalton Trans. 41 (2012) 14603–14610.
  2. R. Herchel, I. Nemec, M. Machata, Z, Trávníček, Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Magnetic Exchange Pathways in Structurally Diverse Iron(III) Schiff-Base Complexes, Inorg. Chem.54 (2015) 8625–8638.