Prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Trávníček, Ph.D.

Education and Career

1989 MSc degree (in Inorganic Chemistry)
1996 PhD. degree (in Inorganic Chemistry)
2004 Full Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
since 2006 Head of the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Palacky University in Olomouc, Czech Republic
since 2010 Leader of Research Programme ” Biologically-active Complexes and Molecular Magnets” of the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials

Research Activities

  • Preparation and characterization of a new type of selected transition metal biologically active complexes and study of molecular magnets and molecular switches based on paramagnetic transition metal complexes.
  • Synthesis of hybrid molecular-crystalline nanostructures with a functionalized nanocrystalline oxidic carrier and a bound coordination compound for the use in the area of magnetic applications and targeted drug transport.
  • In vitro and in vivo testing of a wide spectrum of biological activities.

Publication activities



GAČR (e.g. Functionalized iron oxide nanoparticle-based magnetic carriers with bound biologically active and/or magnetically appealing compounds, P207/11/0841, 2011–2014), FRVŠ and other MŠMT projects (e.g. Research Intention „Transition metal complexes and oxides usable in bio-applications and nanotechnologies“, MSM6198959218, 2005–2011, 136 mil. Kč), IGA-PřF UP.


Supervised more than 10 PhD and 20 diploma theses since 1996.

Society Membership:

  • Czech Chemical Society
  • Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association
  • American Chemical Society

Selected Publications

  • Nemec, I.; Herchel, R.; Trávníček, Z. Two polymorphic Co(II)
    field-induced single-ion magnets with enormous angular distortion from
    the ideal octahedron. Dalton Transactions 47 (2018) 1614–1623.
  • Drahoš, B.; Herchel, R.; Trávníček, Z. Impact of Halogenido Coligands on
    Magnetic Anisotropy in Seven-Coordinate Co(II) Complexes. Inorganic
    Chemistry 56 (2017) 5076-5088.
  • Štarha, P.; Vančo, J.; Trávníček, Z. Platinum
    complexes containing adenine-based ligands: An overview of selected
    structural features. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 332 (2017) 1–29.
  • Antal, P.; Drahoš, B.; Herchel, R.; Trávníček, Z. Late
    First-Row Transition-Metal Complexes Containing a 2-Pyridylmethyl
    Pendant-Armed 15-Membered Macrocyclic Ligand. Field-Induced Slow
    Magnetic Relaxation in a Seven-Coordinate Cobalt(II) Compound.
    Inorganic Chemistry 55 (2016) 5957-5972.
  • Kašpárková, J.; Kostrhunová, H.; Nováková, O.; Křikavová, R.; Vančo, J.; Trávníček, Z.; Brabec, V. A Photoactivatable Platinum(IV)
    Complex Targeting Genomic DNA and Histone Deacetylases. Angewandte Chemie
    International Edition 54 (2015) 14478-14482.
  • Herchel, R.; Nemec, I.; Machata, M.; Trávníček, Z.
    Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Magnetic Exchange Pathways
    in Structurally Diverse Iron(III) Schiff-Base Complexes. Inorganic
    Chemistry 54 (2015) 8625-8638.
  • Nemec, I.; Herchel, R.; Trávníček, Z. Suppressing of
    slow magnetic relaxation in tetracoordinate Co(II) field-induced
    single-molecule magnet in hybrid material with ferromagnetic barium
    ferrite. Scientific Reports 5 (2015) 10761.
  • Drahoš, B.; Herchel, R.; Trávníček, Z. Structural,
    Magnetic, and Redox Diversity of First-Row Transition Metal Complexes of a
    Pyridine-Based Macrocycle: Well-Marked Trends Supported by Theoretical DFT
    Calculations. Inorganic Chemistry 54 (2015) 3352-3369.
  • Herchel, R.; Váhovská, L.; Potočňák, I.; Trávníček, Z.
    Slow Magnetic Relaxation in Octahedral Cobalt(II) Field-Induced Single-Ion
    Magnet with Positive Axial and Large Rhombic Anisotropy. Inorganic
    Chemistry 53 (2014) 5896-5898.
  • Trávníček, Z.
    ; Štarha, P.;Vančo, J.; Šilha, T.; Hošek, J.; Suchý, P.; Pražanová, G.
    Anti-inflammatory Active Gold(I) Complexes Involving
    6-Substituted-Purine Derivatives. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 55
    (2012) 4568-4579.
  • Herchel, R.; Trávníček, Z.; Zbořil, R. Tuning of the
    Critical Temperature in Iron(II) Spin-Crossover Materials Based on
    Bridging Polycyanidometallates: Pentacyanidonitrosylferrate(II) and
    Hexacyanidoplatinate(IV). Inorganic Chemistry 50 (2011) 12390-12392.