Another national patent granted

28SC_008The RCPTM researchers from the Research division Biologically-active complexes and molecular magnets achieved progress in the area of the pharmacologically prospective anticancer active platinum complexes – a national patent entitled „Platinum dijodido-complexes and their use for preparation of drugs for the treatment of tumour diseases (CZ 305374 B6; patent inventors: Z. Trávníček, P. Štarha, Z. Dvořák) was granted on 2015/07/08 and it protects the possible use of cis-diiodidoplatinum(II) complexes containing 7-azaindole derivatives for clinical treatment of various types of tumours, such as prostate, cervical or ovarian carcinomas. A main advantage of the newly developed substances is their up to over forty-times higher activity as compared with the clinically used platinum-based drug cisplatin.