All-Sky Camera

Automated all-sky montoring, evaluation and short time forecast of the clouds coverage, increasing effectivenes of the observation the close and distant objects in the universe... The All-Sky Camera provides this and other services for dozen of observatories around the world, such as in Chile, Argentina, USA, Mexico, Namibia, Spain, etc.

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Mössbauer Spectrometers

Gamma spectrometer designed especially for charaterization of iron, tin, gold, europium or ruthenium containig materials. Spectrometer is used in both high-end primary research and applied research. It is a compact, self-sufficient and simple to use system – radiation shielding is matter of course. Our spectrometers are operating in laboratories around the world (USA, Germany, South Korea, Great Britain, Russia and many others).

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Water Treatment Technologies

100 % remediation of groundwater polluted by perchlorates, ethanes, benzenes, Arsenic, Chromium, Copper, or other metalic or nonmetalic compounds is possible by iron nanoparticles. Succesfully tested and implemented in polluted locations in Spain, Portugal, Denmark, France, Austria, USA, Czech Republic, Belgium and other countries.

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