Czech Science Foundation project – Advanced chemical analysis of residues of organic materials in archaeological context

GAČR 17-17346S
Investigator: Assoc. Prof. RNDr. Petr Bednář, Ph.D.
2017- 2019, 4,1 mil. CZK

Project is focused on the development of procedures for systematic analysis of organic residues in archaeological findings using top technologies and interpretation of obtained data in historical context.

New procedures for sampling and sample treatment before analysis will be optimized and applied. High resolution tandem (HRT) mass spectrometry (MS) with laser desorption/ionization and desorption electrospray ionization and ion mobility separation capability will be the main analytical platform. Beside liquid and gas chromatography combined with MS and immunoassays will be used. Database connecting primary and interpreted analytical data with archaeological information (ANARBASE) has been created. In the framework of this project, the function of the database will be continuously extended and optimized on the basis of new analytical and archaeological results to be suitable platform for sharing of informations among analytical chemists, archaeologists and other experts.