PloS ONE: new publication

SC_004The publication “Gold(I) Complexes of 9-Deazahypoxanthine as Selective Antitumor and Anti-Inflammatory Agents“ was recently published in the respected multidisciplinary scientific journal, PLoS ONE (PLoS ONE 9 (2014) e109901, IF2013 = 3.534). This study significantly enlarges the knowledge in the field of bioinorganic chemistry of gold(I) complexes with the results of high and selective antitumor (submicromolar IC50 against MCF7 and HOS) and antiinflammatory activity of Au(I) complexes involving 9-deazahypoxanthine derivatives as ligands. The results were obtained by a series of advanced testing methods, based on cellular models (cytotoxicity against nine cancer cell lines), primary culture of human hepatocytes (toxicity against healthy cells) and animal model of λ-carrageenan inflammatory response. Link.