Publication in Inorganic Chemistry

Peculiar magnetic behavior was found for complex {[Fe(L)(μ1,3-N3)](ClO4)}n (1) with a pentadentate macrocyclic ligand (L). The static and dynamic magnetic data revealed that spin-canting in the 1D-chain of 1 results in the single-chain magnet (SCM) behavior with high spin-reversal energy barrier Ueffτ) = 87.5 K, exhibiting magnetic hysteresis below 4 K and coexistence with the metamagnetism altogether resulting in weak 3D-ferromagnetic behavior. This is the first reported example of the exclusively azido-bridged homospin Fe(II)-based SCM.

Drahoš, B.; Herchel, R.; Trávníček, Z. Single-Chain Magnet Based on 1D Polymeric Azido-Bridged Seven-Coordinate Fe(II) Complex with a Pyridine-Based Macrocyclic Ligand. Inorganic Chemistry 2018, 57, 12718–12726. Link