Publication in Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

SC_001This work presents synthesis and characterization of iron(IV) and iron(V) compounds Na4FeO4 and K3FeO4 in solid state and in aqueous solution by 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy. The oxidative removal efficiency was tested against five environmentally important estrogenic hormones (e.g. estron (E1)) in effluent water and compared with the efficiency of commercial K2FeO4. Both FeV and FeVI were effective in degrading estrogens, but FeIV showed limited oxidation capacity. The oxidized products of the estrogens were identified as low molecular weight oxygenated compounds such as quinone-like and opened-aromatic ring species. A detailed study on E1 by using excess of FeVI showed the mineralization of the parent compound. The results demonstrate a great potential of high-valent iron species in the degradation of endocrine disruptor chemicals like estrogens with several superior aspects.