Publication in Scientific Reports

SC_001The publication entitled„Suppressing of slow magnetic relaxation in tetracoordinate Co(II) field-induced single-molecule magnet in hybrid material with ferromagnetic barium ferrite“ (authors: I. Nemec, R. Herchel, Z. Trávníček) was published in časopise Scientific Reports (IF2013 = 5.078). The publication reports about novel field-induced single-molecule magnet based on a tetracoordinate mononuclear heteroleptic Co(II) complex, CoL4, with spin reversal energy barrier U = 14.7 cm−1. Moreover, mutual interactions between CoL4 and ferromagnetic barium ferrite (BaFeO) in hybrid materials resulted in suppressing of slow relaxation of magnetization in various mass ratios of CoL4 and BaFeO despite the lack of strong magnetic interactions between two magnetic phases.