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Top 2020’s publications

S. Hejazi, S. Mohajernia, B. Osuagwu, G. Zoppellaro, P. Andryskova, O. Tomanec, S. Kment, R. Zbořil and P. Schmuki
"On the Controlled Loading of Single Platinum Atoms as a Co‐Catalyst on TiO2 Anatase for Optimized Photocatalytic H2 Generation",

ADVANCED MATERIALS, Article in press, 2020.
IF = 25.809
Š. Kment, K. Sivula, A. Naldoni, S. Sarmah, H. Kmentová, M. Kulkarni, Y. Rambabu, P. Schmuki and R. Zbořil
"FeO-based nanostructures and nanohybrids for photoelectrochemical water splitting",

PROGRESS IN MATERIALS SCIENCE, vol. 110, pp. 100632, 2020.
IF = 23.725
R. K. Sharma, P. Yadav, M. Yadav, R. Gupta, P. Rana, A. Srivastava, R. Zbořil, R. S. Varma, M. Antonietti and M. B. Gawande
"Recent development of covalent organic frameworks (COFs): synthesis and catalytic (organic-electro-photo) applications",

MATERIALS HORIZONS, vol. 7, iss. 2, pp. 411-454, 2020.
IF = 14.356
S. Rej, L. Mascaretti, E. Y. Santiago, O. Tomanec, S. Kment, Z. Wang, R. Zbořil, P. Fornasiero, A. O. Govorov and A. Naldoni
"Determining Plasmonic Hot Electron and Photothermal Effects during H2 Evolution with TiN-Pt Nanohybrids",

ACS CATALYSIS, Article in press, 2020.
IF = 12.221
M. B. Gawande, P. Fornasiero and R. Zbořil
"Carbon-Based Single-Atom Catalysts for Advanced Applications",

ACS CATALYSIS, vol. 10, iss. 3, pp. 2231-2259, 2020.
IF = 12.221
J. Berger, M. Ondráček, O. Stetsovych, P. Malý, P. Holý, J. Rybáček, M. Švec, I. G. Stará, T. Mančal, I. Starý and P. Jelínek
"Quantum dissipation driven by electron transfer within a single molecule investigated with atomic force microscopy",

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 11, iss. 1, pp. , 2020.
IF = 11.878
S. Mohajernia, P. Andryskova, G. Zoppellaro, S. Hejazi, S. Kment, R. Zboril, J. Schmidt and P. Schmuki
"Influence of Ti3+ defect-type on heterogeneous photocatalytic H2 evolution activity of TiO2",

JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY A, vol. 8, iss. 3, pp. 1432-1442, 2020.
IF = 10.733
Y. Chen, Y. Meng, Y. Dong, X. Song, G. Huang, C. Zhang, Z. Ni, J. Navařík, O. Malina, R. Zbořil and M. Tong
"Light- and temperature-assisted spin state annealing: accessing the hidden multistability",

CHEMICAL SCIENCE, vol. 11, iss. 12, pp. 3281-3289, 2020.
IF = 9.556
T. Senthamarai, V. G. Chandrashekhar, M. B. Gawande, N. V. Kalevaru, R. Zbořil, P. C. J. Kamer, R. V. Jagadeesh and M. Beller
"Ultra-small cobalt nanoparticles from molecularly-defined Co–salen complexes for catalytic synthesis of amines",

CHEMICAL SCIENCE, vol. 11, iss. 11, pp. 2973-2981, 2020.
IF = 9.556
E. Y. C. Jorge, C. G. S. Lima, T. M. Lima, L. Marchini, M. B. Gawande, O. Tomanec, R. S. Varma and M. W. Paixão
"Sulfonated dendritic mesoporous silica nanospheres: a metal-free Lewis acid catalyst for the upgrading of carbohydrates",

GREEN CHEMISTRY, vol. 22, iss. 5, pp. 1754-1762, 2020.
IF = 9.405
B. Reuillard, M. Blanco, L. Calvillo, N. Coutard, A. Ghedjatti, P. Chenevier, S. Agnoli, M. Otyepka, G. Granozzi and V. Artero
"Noncovalent Integration of a Bioinspired Ni Catalyst to Graphene Acid for Reversible Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Oxidation",

ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, vol. 12, iss. 5, pp. 5805-5811, 2020.
IF = 8.456
H. Seelajaroen, A. Bakandritsos, M. Otyepka, R. Zbořil and N. S. Sariciftci
"Immobilized Enzymes on Graphene as Nanobiocatalyst",

ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, vol. 12, iss. 1, pp. 250-259, 2020.
IF = 8.456
A. Goswami, R. G. Kadam, J. Tuček, Z. Sofer, D. Bouša, R. S. Varma, M. B. Gawande and R. Zbořil
"Fe(0)-embedded thermally reduced graphene oxide as efficient nanocatalyst for reduction of nitro compounds to amines",

CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOURNAL, vol. 382, pp. 122469, 2019.
IF = 8.355
R. Langer, E. Fako, P. Błoński, M. Vavrečka, A. Bakandritsos, M. Otyepka and N. López
"Anchoring of single-platinum-adatoms on cyanographene: Experiment and theory",

APPLIED MATERIALS TODAY, vol. 18, pp. 100462, 2020.
IF = 8.013
P. Skácelová, P. Lebed, J. Filip, D. Oughton and R. Zbořil
"Tracing of iron nanoparticles using an elemental signatures approach: laboratory and field-scale verification",

ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: NANO, vol. 7, iss. 2, pp. 623-633, 2020.
IF = 7.704
D. Zaoralová, V. Hrubý, V. Šedajová, R. Mach, V. Kupka, J. Ugolotti, A. Bakandritsos, M. Medved’ and M. Otyepka
"Tunable Synthesis of Nitrogen Doped Graphene from Fluorographene under Mild Conditions",

ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, vol. 8, iss. 12, pp. 4764-4772, 2020.
IF = 6.97
B. Mallada, S. Edalatmanesh, P. Lazar, J. Redondo, A. Gallardo, R. Zbořil, P. Jelínek, M. Švec and B. de la Torre
"Atomic-Scale Charge Distribution Mapping of Single Substitutional p- and n-Type Dopants in Graphene",

ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, vol. 8, iss. 8, pp. 3437-3444, 2020.
IF = 6.97
S. Kalytchuk, L. Zdražil, M. Scheibe and R. Zboril
"Purple-emissive carbon dots enhance sensitivity of Si photodetectors to ultraviolet range",

NANOSCALE, Article in press, 2020.
IF = 6.97
L. Zdražil, S. Kalytchuk, K. Holá, M. Petr, O. Zmeškal, Š. Kment, A. L. Rogach and R. Zbořil
"A carbon dot-based tandem luminescent solar concentrator",

NANOSCALE, vol. 12, iss. 12, pp. 6664-6672, 2020.
IF = 6.97
H. Alamgholiloo, S. Rostamnia, A. Hassankhani, X. Liu, A. Eftekhari, A. Hasanzadeh, K. Zhang, H. Karimi-Maleh, S. Khaksar, R. S. Varma and M. Shokouhimehr
"Formation and stabilization of colloidal ultra-small palladium nanoparticles on diamine-modified Cr-MIL-101: Synergic boost to hydrogen production from formic acid",

JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE, vol. 567, iss. , pp. 126-135, 2020.
IF = 6.361
D. D. Chronopoulos, M. Medveď, G. Potsi, O. Tomanec, M. Scheibe and M. Otyepka
"Tunable one-step double functionalization of graphene based on fluorographene chemistry",

CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 56, iss. 13, pp. 1936-1939, 2020.
IF = 6.164
A. Kouloumpis, D. D. Chronopoulos, G. Potsi, M. Pykal, J. Vlček, M. Scheibe and M. Otyepka
"One‐step synthesis of Janus fluorographene derivatives",

CHEMISTRY – A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, Article in press, 2020.
IF = 5.16

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