RCPTM will take part in a conference for plant biologists
Congratulations to the chemist Josef Michl on his birthday
Beller: Catalysis is a route to sustainable development on Earth
RCPTM made a contribution to the exhibition entitled ‘Water and Civilization’
Scientists from Olomouc accelerate chemical reactions with a single atom
Matthias Beller will speak as part of Rudolf Zahradník Lecture Series
Ways to overcome bacterial resistance to antibiotics are sought worldwide. Scientists in Olomouc bet on nanosilver
Contemporary Chemistry lecture series concludes with a lecture on democracy
Hajdúch: ‘You must be prepared for defeats when developing pharmaceuticals’
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Top 2019’s publications

K. Jayaramulu, F. Geyer, A. Schneemann, Š. Kment, M. Otyepka, R. Zboril, D. Vollmer and R. A. Fischer
"Hydrophobic Metal–Organic Frameworks",

ADVANCED MATERIALS, Article in press, 2019.
IF = 21.95
A. Bakandritsos, R. G. Kadam, P. Kumar, G. Zoppellaro, M. Medved', J. Tuček, T. Montini, O. Tomanec, P. Andrýsková, B. Drahoš, R. S. Varma, M. Otyepka, M. B. Gawande, P. Fornasiero and R. Zbořil
"Mixed-Valence Single-Atom Catalyst Derived from Functionalized Graphene",

ADVANCED MATERIALS, Article in press, 2019.
IF = 21.95
L. Mascaretti, A. Dutta, Š. Kment, V. M. Shalaev, A. Boltasseva, R. Zbořil and A. Naldoni
"Plasmon-Enhanced Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting for Efficient Renewable Energy Storage",

ADVANCED MATERIALS, Article in press, 1805513, 2019.
IF = 21.95
P. Štarha and Z. Trávníček
"Non-platinum complexes containing releasable biologically active ligands",

COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS, vol. 395, pp. 130-145, 2019.
P. Štarha, J. Vančo and Z. Trávníček
"Platinum iodido complexes: A comprehensive overview of anticancer activity and mechanisms of action",

COORDINATION CHEMISTRY REVIEWS, vol. 380, pp. 103-135, 2019.
IF = 14.499
D. P. Dubal, K. Jayaramulu, J. Sunil, Š. Kment, P. Gomez‐Romero, C. Narayana, R. Zbořil and R. A. Fischer
"Metal–Organic Framework (MOF) Derived Electrodes with Robust and Fast Lithium Storage for Li‐Ion Hybrid Capacitors",

ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, vol. 29, iss. 19, pp. 1900532, 2019.
IF = 13.325
A. Sánchez-Grande, B. de la Torre, J. Santos, B. Cirera, K. Lauwaet, T. Chutora, S. Edalatmanesh, P. Mutombo, J. Rosen, R. Zbořil, R. Miranda, J. Björk, P. Jelínek, N. Martín and D. Écija
"On-Surface Synthesis of Ethynylene-Bridged Anthracene Polymers",

ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE INTERNATIONAL EDITION, vol. 58, iss. 20, pp. 6559-6563, 2019.
IF = 12.102
I. S. Pieta, A. Rathi, P. Pieta, R. Nowakowski, M. Hołdynski, M. Pisarek, A. Kaminska, M. B. Gawande and R. Zboril
"Electrocatalytic methanol oxidation over Cu, Ni and bimetallic Cu-Ni nanoparticles supported on graphitic carbon nitride",

APPLIED CATALYSIS B: ENVIRONMENTAL, vol. 244, pp. 272-283, 2019.
IF = 11.698
A. Naldoni, M. Altomare, G. Zoppellaro, N. Liu, Š. Kment, R. Zbořil and P. Schmuki
"Photocatalysis with Reduced TiO2: From Black TiO2 to Cocatalyst-Free Hydrogen Production",

ACS CATALYSIS, vol. 9, iss. 1, pp. 345-364, 2019.
IF = 11.384
B. Cirera, B. de la Torre, D. Moreno, M. Ondráček, R. Zbořil, R. Miranda, P. Jelínek and D. Écija
"On-Surface Synthesis of Gold Porphyrin Derivatives via a Cascade of Chemical Interactions: Planarization, Self-Metalation, and Intermolecular Coupling",

CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS, vol. 31, iss. 9, pp. 3248-3256, 2019.
H. Barès, A. Bakandritsos, M. Medveď, J. Ugolotti, P. Jakubec, O. Tomanec, S. Kalytchuk, R. Zbořil and M. Otyepka
"Bimodal role of fluorine atoms in fluorographene chemistry opens a simple way toward double functionalization of graphene",

CARBON, vol. 145, pp. 251-258, 2019.
IF = 7.082
T. Malina, K. Poláková, J. Skopalík, V. Milotová, K. Holá, M. Havrdová, K. B. Tománková, V. Čmiel, L. Šefc and R. Zbořil
"Carbon dots for in vivo fluorescence imaging of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stromal cells",

CARBON, Article in press, 2019.
IF = 7.082
D. D. Chronopoulos, M. Medved’, P. Błoński, Z. Nováček, P. Jakubec, O. Tomanec, A. Bakandritsos, V. Novotná, R. Zbořil and M. Otyepka
"Alkynylation of graphene via the Sonogashira C–C cross-coupling reaction on fluorographene",

CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 55, iss. 8, pp. 1088-1091, 2019.
IF = 6.29
L. Stadler, M. Homafar, A. Hartl, S. Najafishirtari, M. Colombo, R. Zboril, P. Martin, M. B. Gawande, J. Zhi and O. Reiser
"Recyclable Magnetic Microporous Organic Polymer (MOP) Encapsulated with Palladium Nanoparticles and Co/C Nanobeads for Hydrogenation Reactions",

ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING, vol. 7, iss. 2, pp. 2388-2399, 2019.
IF = 6.14
M. Magro, D. Baratella, E. Bonaiuto, J. de Almeida Roger, G. Chemello, S. Pasquaroli, L. Mancini, I. Olivotto, G. Zoppellaro, J. Ugolotti, C. Aparicio, A. P. Fifi, G. Cozza, G. Miotto, G. Radaelli, D. Bertotto, R. Zboril and F. Vianello
"Stealth Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Organotropic Drug Targeting",

BIOMACROMOLECULES, vol. 20, iss. 3, pp. 1375-1384, 2019.
IF = 5.738
X. Yang, S. Wang, X. Zhuang, O. Tomanec, R. Zboril, D. Y. W. Yu and A. L. Rogach
"Polypyrrole and Carbon Nanotube Co-Composited Titania Anodes with Enhanced Sodium Storage Performance in Ether-Based Electrolyte",

M. Černík, J. Nosek, J. Filip, J. Hrabal, D. W. Elliott and R. Zbořil
"Electric-field enhanced reactivity and migration of iron nanoparticles with implications for groundwater treatment technologies: Proof of concept",

WATER RESEARCH, vol. 154, pp. 361-369, 2019.
IF = 7.051

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