We are saying our last goodbye to Jan Belza
Unique butterfly-shaped magnetic graphene nanoparticle combines two concepts of magnetism formation
Innovation at the Nanoscale: Unveiling Next-Generation of Carbon Nanodot suprastructures
Thanks to the cooperation with CATRIN, a prototype device utilizing iron nanoparticles will contribute to the cleaning of the Bogotá river
Single-atom catalysts as a solution to water contamination
Researchers Enhanced Ammonia Production Process
Patrik Schmuki has won the prestigious Heinz Gerischer Prize
Italian PhD student gaining knowledge and skills for his research at CATRIN
CATRIN is coordinating a Horizon project to develop an innovative system for early and simple detection of Alzheimer's disease
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Top 2023 publications

B. Bartolomei, M. Sbacchi, C. Rosso, A. Günay‐Gürer, L. Zdražil, A. Cadranel, S. Kralj, D. M. Guldi and M. Prato
"Synthetic Strategies for the Selective Functionalization of Carbon Nanodots Allow Optically Communicating Suprastructures",

ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE INTERNATIONAL EDITION, vol. 63, iss. 5, pp. e202316915, 2024.
IF = 16.823
V. K. Sharma, X. Ma and R. Zboril
"Single atom catalyst-mediated generation of reactive species in water treatment",

CHEMICAL SOCIETY REVIEWS, vol. 52, iss. 22, pp. 7673-7686, 2023.
IF = 60.615
A. Cheruvathoor Poulose, G. Zoppellaro, I. Konidakis, E. Serpetzoglou, E. Stratakis, O. Tomanec, M. Beller, A. Bakandritsos and R. Zbořil
"Reply to: Primary role of photothermal heating in light-driven reduction of nitroarenes",

NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, vol. 18, iss. 4, pp. 327-328, 2023.
IF = 40.523
Y. Wang, S. Qin, N. Denisov, H. Kim, Z. Bad'ura, B. B. Sarma and P. Schmuki
"Reactive Deposition Versus Strong Electrostatic Adsorption (SEA): A Key to Highly Active Single Atom Co‐Catalysts in Photocatalytic H2 Generation",

ADVANCED MATERIALS, vol. 35, iss. 32, pp. 202211814, 2023.
IF = 32.086
I. Tantis, S. Talande, V. Tzitzios, G. Basina, V. Shrivastav, A. Bakandritsos and R. Zboril
"Non‐van der Waals 2D Materials for Electrochemical Energy Storage",

IF = 19.924
S. Rej, E. Y. Santiago, O. Baturina, Y. Zhang, S. Burger, S. Kment, A. O. Govorov and A. Naldoni
"Colloidal titanium nitride nanobars for broadband inexpensive plasmonics and photochemistry from visible to mid-IR wavelengths",

NANO ENERGY, vol. 104, pp. 107989, 2023.
IF = 19.069
O. Henrotte, E. Y. Santiago, A. Movsesyan, L. Mascaretti, M. Afshar, A. Minguzzi, A. Vertova, Z. M. Wang, R. Zbořil, Š. Kment, A. O. Govorov and A. Naldoni
"Local Photochemical Nanoscopy of Hot-Carrier-Driven Catalytic Reactions Using Plasmonic Nanosystems",

ACS NANO, vol. 17, iss. 12, pp. 11427-11438, 2023.
IF = 18.027
M. Xie, M. Gao, Y. Yun, M. Malmsten, V. M. Rotello, R. Zboril, O. Akhavan, A. Kraskouski, J. Amalraj, X. Cai, J. Lu, H. Zheng and R. Li
"Antibacterial Nanomaterials: Mechanisms, Impacts on Antimicrobial Resistance and Design Principles",

ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE INTERNATIONAL EDITION, vol. 62, iss. 17, pp. e202217345, 2023.
IF = 16.823
M. Altomare, S. Qin, V. A. Saveleva, Z. Badura, O. Tomanec, A. Mazare, G. Zoppellaro, A. Vertova, A. Taglietti, A. Minguzzi, P. Ghigna and P. Schmuki
"Metastable Ni(I)-TiO2–x Photocatalysts: Self-Amplifying H2 Evolution from Plain Water without Noble Metal Co-Catalyst and Sacrificial Agent",

IF = 16.383
M. Medved’, M. Di Donato, W. J. Buma, A. D. Laurent, L. Lameijer, T. Hrivnák, I. Romanov, S. Tran, B. L. Feringa, W. Szymanski and G. A. Woolley
"Mechanistic Basis for Red Light Switching of Azonium Ions",

IF = 16.383
M. González-Sánchez, M. J. Mayoral, V. Vázquez-González, M. Paloncýová, I. Sancho-Casado, F. Aparicio, A. de Juan, G. Longhi, P. Norman, M. Linares and D. González-Rodríguez
"Stacked or Folded? Impact of Chelate Cooperativity on the Self-Assembly Pathway to Helical Nanotubes from Dinucleobase Monomers",

JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, vol. 145, iss. 32, pp. 17805-17818, 2023.
IF = 16.383
V. Shrivastav, Mansi, B. Gupta, P. Dubey, A. Deep, W. Nogala, V. Shrivastav and S. Sundriyal
"Recent advances on surface mounted metal-organic frameworks for energy storage and conversion applications: Trends, challenges, and opportunities",

IF = 15.190
J. M. R. Flauzino, M. Nalepa, D. D. Chronopoulos, V. Šedajová, D. Panáček, P. Jakubec, P. Kührová, M. Pykal, P. Banáš, A. Panáček, A. Bakandritsos and M. Otyepka
"Click and Detect: Versatile Ampicillin Aptasensor Enabled by Click Chemistry on a Graphene–Alkyne Derivative",

SMALL, Article in press, 2023.
IF = 15.153
L. Zdražil, Z. Baďura, M. Langer, S. Kalytchuk, D. Panáček, M. Scheibe, Š. Kment, H. Kmentová, M. A. Thottappali, E. Mohammadi, M. Medveď, A. Bakandritsos, G. Zoppellaro, R. Zbořil and M. Otyepka
"Magnetic Polaron States in Photoluminescent Carbon Dots Enable Hydrogen Peroxide Photoproduction",

SMALL, vol. 19, iss. 32, pp. 2206587, 2023.
IF = 15.153
A. Cheruvathoor Poulose, M. Medveď, V. R. Bakuru, A. Sharma, D. Singh, S. B. Kalidindi, H. Bares, M. Otyepka, K. Jayaramulu, A. Bakandritsos and R. Zbořil
"Acidic graphene organocatalyst for the superior transformation of wastes into high-added-value chemicals",

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 14, article no. 1373, 2023.
IF = 14.919
B. Mallada, M. Ondráček, M. Lamanec, A. Gallardo, A. Jiménez-Martín, B. de la Torre, P. Hobza and P. Jelínek
"Visualization of π-hole in molecules by means of Kelvin probe force microscopy",

NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 14, iss. 1, pp. 4954, 2023.
IF = 14.919
S. Wu, I. Hwang, B. Osuagwu, J. Will, Z. Wu, B. B. Sarma, F. Pu, L. Wang, Z. Badura, G. Zoppellaro, E. Spiecker and P. Schmuki
"Fluorine Aided Stabilization of Pt Single Atoms on TiO2 Nanosheets and Strongly Enhanced Photocatalytic H2 Evolution",

ACS CATALYSIS, vol. 13, iss. 1, pp. 33-41, 2023.
IF = 13.700
Y. Zhang, L. Mascaretti, M. Melchionna, O. Henrotte, Š. Kment, P. Fornasiero and A. Naldoni
"Thermoplasmonic In Situ Fabrication of Nanohybrid Electrocatalysts over Gas Diffusion Electrodes for Enhanced H2O2 Electrosynthesis",

ACS CATALYSIS, vol. 13, iss. 15, pp. 10205-10216, 2023.
IF = 13.700
E. Zhao, W. Zhang, L. Dong, R. Zbořil and Z. Chen
"Photocatalytic Transfer Hydrogenation Reactions Using Water as the Proton Source",

ACS CATALYSIS, vol. 13, iss. 11, pp. 7557-7567, 2023.
IF = 13.700
T. Malina, C. Hirsch, A. Rippl, D. Panacek, K. Polakova, V. Sedajova, M. Scheibe, R. Zboril and P. Wick
"Safety assessment of graphene acid and cyanographene: Towards new carbon-based nanomedicine",

CARBON, vol. 211, pp. 118093, 2023.
IF = 11.307
R. Dvorsky, J. Kukutschová, M. Pagáč, L. Svoboda, Z. Šimonová, K. Peterek Dědková, J. Bednář, R. G. Mendes, D. Matýsek, O. Malina, J. Tuček, Z. Vilamová, S. Kiselev, T. Gemming and P. Filip
"Analysis and modelling of single domain core-shell (αFeNi/chromite) nanoparticles emitted during selective laser melting, and their magnetic remanence",

JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, vol. 400, pp. 136688, 2023.
IF = 11.072
Q. Yang, E. Nguyen, D. Panáček, V. Šedajová, V. Hrubý, G. Rosati, C. de C. C. Silva, A. Bakandritsos, M. Otyepka and A. Merkoçi
"Metal-free cysteamine-functionalized graphene alleviates mutual interferences in heavy metal electrochemical detection",

GREEN CHEMISTRY, Article in press, 2023.
IF = 11.034
S. Rotta Loria, B. R. Bricchi, A. Schirato, L. Mascaretti, C. Mancarella, A. Naldoni, A. Li Bassi, G. Della Valle and M. Zavelani‐Rossi
"Unfolding the Origin of the Ultrafast Optical Response of Titanium Nitride",

ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, vol. 11, iss. 15, pp. 2300333 , 2023.
IF = 10.050
L. Zdražil, D. Panáček, V. Šedajová, Z. Baďura, M. Langer, M. Medveď, M. Paloncýová, M. Scheibe, S. Kalytchuk, G. Zoppellaro, Š. Kment, A. Cadranel, A. Bakandritsos, D. M. Guldi, M. Otyepka and R. Zbořil
"Carbon Dots Enabling Parts‐Per‐Billion Sensitive and Ultraselective Photoluminescence Lifetime‐Based Sensing of Inorganic Mercury",

ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, Article in press, 2023.
IF = 10.050
A. K. K. Padinjareveetil, J. V. Perales-Rondon, D. Zaoralová, M. Otyepka, O. Alduhaish and M. Pumera
"Fe-MOF Catalytic Nanoarchitectonic toward Electrochemical Ammonia Production",

IF = 10.383
P. Saharan, M. Singh, A. Gupta, C. Kumar, S. Sundriyal and S. Dhakate
"Conducting co-polymer derived N, S co-doped metal-free hierarchical nanoporous carbon for robust electrochemical capacitor",

JOURNAL OF ENERGY STORAGE, vol. 73, pp. 108928, 2023.
IF = 8.907
P. Dubey, V. Shrivastav, P. H. Maheshwari, M. Hołdyński, A. Krawczyńska and S. Sundriyal
"Comparative study of different metal-organic framework electrodes synthesized using waste PET bottles for supercapacitor applications",

JOURNAL OF ENERGY STORAGE, vol. 68, pp. 107828, 2023.
IF = 8.907
M. Shahrezaei, S. M. H. Hejazi, H. Kmentova, V. Sedajova, R. Zboril, A. Naldoni and S. Kment
"Ultrasound-Driven Defect Engineering in TiO2–x Nanotubes─Toward Highly Efficient Platinum Single Atom-Enhanced Photocatalytic Water Splitting",

ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, vol. 15, iss. 31, pp. 37976-37985, 2023.
IF = 8.663
J. Dzíbelová, S. H. Hejazi, V. Šedajová, D. Panáček, P. Jakubec, Z. Baďura, O. Malina, J. Kašlík, J. Filip, Š. Kment, M. Otyepka and R. Zbořil
"Hematene: A sustainable 2D conductive platform for visible-light-driven photocatalytic ammonia decomposition",

APPLIED MATERIALS TODAY, vol. 34, pp. 101881, 2023.
IF = 8.663
M. Langer, L. Zdražil, M. Medved and M. Otyepka
"Communication of Molecular Fluorophores with Other Photoluminescence Centres in Carbon Dots",

NANOSCALE, Article in press, 2023.
IF = 8.307
T. Li, S. Yang, Y. Zuo, W. Li, H. Yue, Š. Kment and Y. Chai
"Hydrogen bond stabilized β-Ni(OH)x–SO4 interlaminar materials for highly active supercapacitors",

INORGANIC CHEMISTRY FRONTIERS, vol. 10, iss. 3, pp. 1001-1010, 2023.
IF = 7.779
M. Afshar, A. Schirato, L. Mascaretti, S. M. H. Hejazi, M. Shahrezaei, G. Della Valle, P. Fornasiero, Š. Kment, A. Alabastri and A. Naldoni
"Nanoporous Titanium Oxynitride Nanotube Metamaterials with Deep Subwavelength Heat Dissipation for Perfect Solar Absorption",

ACS PHOTONICS, vol. 10, iss. 9, pp. 3291-3301, 2023.
IF = 7.077
Z. Trávníček, T. Malina, J. Vančo, M. Šebela and Z. Dvořák
"Heteroleptic Copper(II) Complexes Containing 2′-Hydroxy-4-(Dimethylamino)Chalcone Show Strong Antiproliferative Activity",

PHARMACEUTICS, vol. 15, iss. 2, pp. 307, 2023.
IF = 6.525

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