Analytic and measuring services

State of the art instrumentated laboratories operated by highly qualified and experienced personell allow to offer to industry partners as well as to public institutions custom measurements and analysis on the top quality level.

Advanced Computation

A supercomputer located in RCPTM allows to offer to researchers and industrial partners a research in theoretical chemistry as well as in simulations of reactions or interactions of substances with organism or other simulations of reactions that are very difficult to implement in real conditions.

Analytic Chemical Laboratory – GMP Certified

The laboratoryto solve complex research and development problems, the implementation of demanding physical chemistry measurements for industrial partners, health facilities and research institutes.

Chemical synthesis in reaction autoclave

Reaction autoclave enables a big variety of chemical synthesis, starting from hydrogenation through hydrothermal synthesis up to reacions in lower temperatures.

Thin films deposition

Vacuum thin layers deposition - Vaccum system VS1200 allows deposition of thin layers inlcuding multiple layers of different materials (sanfwiches) with improved adhesion thanks high output ion source. Ion assisted deposition enables deposition of oxides for reaching the highest quality layers.
Plasma thin layer deposition - hybrid plasma HIPP deposition system allows the preparation of dielectric optical layers, thin films on polymer films as well as deposition of functional structures on substrates with conductive electrode.

Laser processing of materials

High power laser enables us a precise metal and nonmetal materials processing, such as welding, drilling, 2D cutting, engraving inscriptions, etc.