Czech Science Foundation project – New Approaches for Monitoring of Transport of Selected Xenobiotics across Biomimetic Membranes

GA ČR (17-05387S)
Co-investigator: RNDr. Jana Skopalová, Ph.D.
2017-2019, 110 thousand EUR

The project is aimed at development and application of new approaches for monitoring of transport of selected xenobiotics and other biologically important compounds (e.g., drugs, hazardous elements, their ligands, agrochemically important compound as pesticides) across biomimetic membranes. It will be divided into two main parts: a) Development of reliable and sensitive analytical methods for determination and detection of above mentioned substances, which can be transported across phospholipid (cell) membranes, b) Development of methods for identification of transporting ways across which these substances are transported. The attention will be paid to the development and application of new sensors, based on nontraditional electrode materials with the aim to overcome limitations of traditional electrodes and to apply novel separation and preconcentration procedures.