New patent

The Division of Biologically Active Complexes and Molecular Magnets of the Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM) contributed to the growing innovation potential of Palacký University in Olomouc by the 18th granted patent. The research team led by prof. Zdeněk Trávníček obtained a patent for the invention regarding the use of new organometallic gold complexes in the preparation of drugs for the treatment of cancer. The patent titled „N-heterocyclic carbene complexes of gold with bicyclic N-donor ligands and using these complexes to prepare antitumor therapy medicaments“ (CZ 307954 B6, inventors: Trávníček, Z.; Vančo, J.; Dvořák, Z.), granted by the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic on July 31, 2019, protects the use of the highly anti-cancer-effective organometallic gold complexes with the general formula of [Au(NHC)(L)], where NHC represents N-heterocyclic carbene ligand and HL stands for the derivative of 7-azaindole or purine, for the treatment of carcinoma, especially for the treatment of ovarian carcinoma and/or cisplatin-resistant ovarian carcinoma and/or human osteosarcoma, while the toxicity of the complexes against the human hepatocytes was negligible.