News archive: Scientific News In Photoelectrochemistry

How to prevent another energy or environmental crisis? Atomic engineering and international collaboration provide solution
New nanomaterial boosts green hydrogen production through specific transformation of alcohols from biomass
Defects as chemical traps to anchor metal atoms—a way to a new generation of photocatalysts
Patrik Schmuki is the laureate of the prestigious Natta Award 2020
Covalent Graphene-MOF Hybrids are Efficient Chemiresistive Gas Sensors
Scientists develop first lead-free perovskite luminescent solar concentrator
Solar nanofurnace can remove toxic gases, generate steam and produce nanomaterials
Graphene acid—a new recipe for removing heavy metals and extracting noble metals from water
Chemically anchored platinum atoms greatly enhance the efficiency of TiO2 in photocatalytic hydrogen production
ERC CZ grant will support the development of a new class of catalysts
Broadband hot electron collection for solar water splitting with plasmonic titanium nitride
Nanoporous Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Oxide/Nickel Sulfide Composite Sheets Derived from a Metal-Organic Framework as Efficient Electrocatalyst for Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution
Applying plasmonics to a sustainable future
α-Fe2O3/TiO2 3D hierarchical nanostructures for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splitting
On the improvement of PEC activity of hematite thin films deposited by high-power pulsed magnetron sputtering method
Photoanodes with fully controllable texture: the enhanced water splitting efficiency of thin hematite films exhibiting solely (110) crystal orientation
One-Dimensional Titanium Dioxide Nanomaterials: Nanotubes / Aligned metal oxide nanotube arrays: key-aspects of anodic TiO2 nanotube formation and properties
Photoanodes based on TiO2 and α-Fe2O3 for solar water splitting – superior role of 1D nanoarchitectures and of combined heterostructures