Publication in PLOS ONE

SC_000The publication “Enantiospecific Effects of Ketoconazole on Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor“ was recently published in the respected journal Plos ONE (PLoS One. 2014 Jul 7;9(7):e101832, IF2012 = 3,73). The work studies enantiospecific effects of antifungal drug ketoconazole (KET) that is clinically used as a racemic mixture of two cis-enantiomers (2R,4S)-(+)-KET a (2S,4R)-(2)-KET on aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) signaling pathway. The results revealed that both enantiomers are weak ligands for AhR but (+)-KET has stronger effect on induction of AhR target genes compared to (-)-KET both in human hepatoma cells HepG2 and in primary human hepatocytes.