Publication in PLoS One

The paper entitled Potentiating Effect of UVA Irradiation on Anticancer Activity of Carboplatin Derivatives Involving 7-Azaindoles (authors: Štarha, P.; Trávníček, Z.; Dvořák, Z.; Radošová-Muchová, T.; Prachařová, J.; Vančo, J.; Kašpárková, J.; PLoS ONE 10 (2015) e0123595, DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0123595) was published in PLoS One journal. This work deals with a study of the carboplatin derivatives of the general composition [Pt(cbdc)(naza)2] (cbdc = cyclobutane-1,1′-dicarboxylate anion; naza = 7-azaindole derivatives), whose UVA irradiation (λmax= 365 nm) causes changes of their composition, which led to significant, up to 4-fold enhancement of in vitro cytotoxicity against human cancer cell lines of ovarian and prostate carcinoma. Based on the reported results, the studied complexes can be considered as potential photoactivable drugs for anticancer therapy.