Publication in PLoS One

SC_010A paper entitled “Half-Sandwich Dichloridoruthenium(II) Complexes with 7-Azaindoles: Synthesis, Characterization and Elucidation of Their Anticancer Inactivity against A2780 Cell Line” (authors: P. Štarha, L. Hanousková, Z. Trávníček; PLoS ONE 10 (2015) e0143871) deals with the synthesis and characterization of organometallic Ru(II) complexes of the general formula [Ru(η6-p-cym)(naza)Cl2](18; p-cym = p-cymene; naza = 7-azaindole or its derivative). The anticancer activity texting against the human ovarian carcinoma cell line showed the studied complexes as inactive up to the highest tested concentration (IC50 > 50.0 μM). The results of the detail studies (NMR, ESI-MS, EtBr-DNA fluorescence experiments) proved that an inactivity of the complexes is caused by their instability in water-containing solvents.