We currently offer these positions

Postdoctoral fellowship program

CATRIN – Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute of Palacký University Olomouc, a prominent European research institute in nanotechnologies, biotechnologies and  biomedicine, is looking for candidates to join its team under the European and Global Marie Skłodowska-Curie 2021 Postdoctoral fellowship program. We employ scientists who rank among the top 1 percent of the world’s most Highly Cited Researchers. Our mission is excellency and we are dedicated to carry out interdisciplinary research at the highest international level.



By joining our expert team, you will gain:

  • Research experience aiming at top rated publications (CATRIN has four world ranked Highly Cited Researchers);
  • Collaboration with top scientists on projects creating the future of the nanomaterial and biotechnology fields;
  • Network and contacts of the leading European research community;
  • Opportunity to launch successful academic career with support of an experienced team;
  • Additional funding of 600 €/month on top of the MSCA super gross salary (3 000 €/month).

We constantly strive for excellent research and collaboration with exceptional scientists, and we consider the Marie Skłodowska-Curie postdoctoral fellowships as a benchmark for scientific distinction in Europe and worldwide



  • Ph.D. holders (up to 8 years of from the date of award);
  • Candidates that have not resided in the Czech Republic for more than 12 months during last 3 years at the time of the deadline;

Researchers in the following nanomaterial and biotechnologies research areas are particularly welcome:
a) New and emerging nanomaterials;
b) Nanomaterials for energy production and storage;
c) Magnetism of nanoparticles and sensoring;
d) Sensing, environmental remediation and separation technologies;
e) Nanomedicine, drug delivery systems and imaging agents;
f) Recombinant protein engineering, proteomics;
g) Plant phenotyping and phytochemistry;
h) Molecular evolution;
i) Plant genetics and engineering and many more.



Submit an application including a CV and a separate list with 5 most important publications of the 5 last years to:
jana.kolarikova@upol.cz. Letters of recommendation will be requested on the second selection round. Screening of applicants will start immediately.

More information can be found at Marie Skłodowska-Curie dedicated website and in MSCA Work Programme 2021 – 2022.

Researcher / junior researcher / postdoc

  • Scientific specialization: chemistry / biochemistry / biophysics
  • Number of open positions: 2
  • Positions offered by: CATRIN – RCPTM, Biologically Active Complexes and Molecular Magnets
  • Type of employment: full-time (1.0)
  • Place of work: Šlechtitelů 27, Olomouc 783 71, CZ
  • Start date of employment: between 09/2021 and 12/2021 
  • Description of working group: https://www.rcptm.com/cs/groups/biologically-active-complexes-and-molecular-magnets/


Formal requirements: 

  • practical experiences in the field of synthesis and/or study of properties of low-molecular-weight compounds
  • D. or equivalent in the field of chemistry, biochemistry or biophysics
  • ability to perform individual and also team scientific work, supported by a list of scientific publications published within last 5 years
  • (co)authorship of at least 10 papers in journals with IF registered on Web of Science (isiknowledge.com)
  • active involvement in international collaboration
  • appropriate oral and written knowledge of English language
  • grant experiences in the required scientific field supported by a list of grants executed in the role of the Principal Investigator or Co-investigator within last 5 years – seen as advantage
  • experiences with collaboration with business and industrial sphere – seen as advantage


What we offer:

  • work on interesting up-to-date research topics with high application potential
  • possibility to utilize top instrumental techniques
  • possibility of self and scientific development and growth
  • motivating financial conditions
  • interesting employee benefits


Required documents:

  • structured profession CV
  • copies of highest gained education (Diploma)
  • list of most significant research activities/publications/project participations within last 5 years


Contact person: prof. RNDr. Zdeněk Trávníček, Ph.D. 

Deadline for applications: 31st August 2021

The Applications together with all required documents shall be sent to zdenek.travnicek@upol.cz within the stated deadline.